1*. The Valentini Don

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Present time.
Valentini headquarters, Milan.

Carlos stood in the main office along with some of his other colleagues waiting for their Boss to enter so that he could report his findings to him.

That was what Carlos did and was best at. He was one of the spy masters in the Valentini Empire. It was his job to find out about the secret dealings, shipments and overall workings of their rivals that could prove to be a potential threat to their organization. To anyone who wasn't of the highest rank in the syndicate, his role was only of a commander.

Commander's were essentially the ones responsible for the training and recruitment of the young boys who had no connection with any mafia families but were still interested in the dealings and business.

Not much had changed in the past few years. Even now, the boys entering the Valentini mafia family were thoroughly tested for their loyalty and whether they deserved to become a part of it. Because once a part of the Valentini crime dynasty, Always a part of it. There was no turning back.

And Carlos was proud to say that he was a part of it.

Shaking his head out of his thoughts he turned towards Alessandro who was going through his file papers

"Tutto quello è fissata per la
riunione?", Carlos asked in their native tongue.

"sì", he replied back.

Just as he was about to speak, they heard the office door opening and in entered Valerio Valentini, the Don.

Valerio Valentini was a man of just 24 years of age and yet he commanded the respect and attention of men who were more than twice his years. He was tall, with his height of more than
6' 3", he towered over lesser men, making countless shake in fear at the very thought of making him displeased by their actions in any way.

Once the Don took his seat at the head of the table, others soon joined him and the meeting began.

"The Salviati family has signed a peace treaty with us", he spoke, his voice smooth and clear. "They are now under our protection too. The business is of course going to split with 60% profits coming to the Valentini account."

Turning to his left he addressed Paulo,"How goes the business of our casino's and hotels in Milan?"

Clearing his throat Paulo replied, "Everything is well Don. The profits keep on increasing every day and no one has tried to create any kind of mess with the dealings there, so we're in the clear."

"bene",the Don said in approval.

"Alessandro, is our special guest being treated well?",he asked with a hard glint in his eyes.

"He has not been very helpful with giving out the information we need, sir. He claims that he had nothing to do with the leaking of some of the innermost workings of our business. But I believe that he won't hesitate any more ,now that he has some incentive to answer",he explained, a sly smirk on his face.

"I shouldn't delay then, it is afterall in bad taste to keep a guest waiting",
the Don said, his tone hard.

As one they all stood up and began walking down to the basement to greet their dear guest.

As they walked down the corridors, men walking past them bowed down to their boss before continuing on their way.

On reaching the lower most level of the headquarters, Alessandro stepped ahead to open the door which lead to the basement.

As the Don entered the basement, he saw that the place was streaming with his men, some of whom were practising shooting in the shooting area on one side while the other's were working on their various assignments. At once a hush fell over everyone, no one daring to make a sound knowing that something very important was going to happen.

"Bring him out", he commanded.

Paulo looked at Antonio, giving him a significant look and at once understanding washed over his face and he rushed out of the door.

Soon he came back half dragging a man behind him who had his face tied up in a black bag. Removing the bag, he pushed the trembling man to the centre of the room on his knees.

Valerio in the meantime had walked over to the bar and had helped himself to some vintage vine.

Over his glass of wine, he saw the man who had tried to cheat and betray him enter the room being dragged by one of his men, Antonio.

He looked worse for wear. His face was bloody as though it was repeatedly punched, his once crisp and expensive coat had blood and grimme over it.

"Hello Roberto, I hope your stay has been pleasant here." Valerio began, his voice taking a darker edge with every syllable that he spoke.

"You have done something which is against our code, I give you one chance to explain to me the reason behind your betray."

"Don, please, I swear I didn't mean to betray you. The Spanish had taken my son and wife as hostage and had threatened me with their lives. I had no other choice boss, please",he begged.

"Tsk Tsk, you do not lie to your superiors Roberto.Your wife and son are currently enjoying a holiday in Majorca and they've been there for the past month or so.Don't worry though, they're going to join you soon enough", Valerio stated coldly.

"Please, Don. I'm sorry for leaking out information about our shipments and taking the money for myself. Please forgive me, don't kill me. I swear I'll return the profits and whatever money that was lost, please",Roberto cried pathetically.

"Cease his ramblings ",Valerio drawled, and turned to walk out the door.

Knowing that this was probably the last words that he was going to hear in his life he started struggling against Antonio who had come over to drag him back.

"AMARA", He yelled out the name desperately.

"I have some important information regarding Amara Sullivan Romero."

Hearing that name Valerio had stopped. All the gathered soldiers stiffened, panicked looks were exchanged amongst a few while others held anger in their eyes, anger at the casual and careless tone of the traitor. All present there knew the significance of that one name and also the power it held over one of the most powerful mafia Don in the entire world.

And as Valerio turned to look at the man who had dared utter the women's name who was close to his heart, he felt nothing but a hot burning rage sear through him.

Roberto,though, was too late to realise his mistake as he had continued talking,"I know who was involved in the attempt to murder her, I know who wanted her dead for their own gain."

His next words died on his lips seeing the stormy and thunderous expression on Valerio's face.


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Tutto quello è fissata per la riunione?- Everything is set for the meeting?

bene- good

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