I guess I wouldn't mind that (Koga lemon one shot)

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Name: Lia Carlin Wygoda

Age: 19

Looks: Lia is a tall girl with a thin waist and flat stomach she worked for years upon. She has large hips, hips that apparently run in her family, and she is very self-conscious about them. Lia has her mother’s fair skin and freckles that cover her nose and back. She’s foreign (from Canada) with large green eyes from her father and long dark brown hair that reaches just above her breasts. She has a gruesome scar on the inside of her right thigh. Lia caught herself on a fence when she was trying to climb over. It doesn’t exactly bother her but she’s not proud of it. Her lips are plump but she has large ears she likes to hide with her hair. Her mother thinks their cute. The twins tease her about them. She likes to wear either dark jeans and frilly tops or sundresses her mother makes for her. (The link will lead to a picture that is somewhat close. I added all the above for the little details:

Personality: Lia is a very kind and happy girl. She has a very good sense of humor and likes to find the humor in a situation. It takes a lot to really piss her off but once you do, you’re screwed. She’s stubborn and hates being wrong and will hold a grudge against you until the end of time unless you grovel and suck up to her for years. Lia likes to go out and she likes to have a good time. She’s flirty but nowhere near easy. She has the big issue of over-analyzing situations and it takes her awhile to react when she gets in that mode.

Likes: Lia is a big fan of oranges. She absolutely adores them. She loves going swimming and going for late night runs. Lia was never a fan of exercise when she was younger but when she starting getting picked on, she picked up walks which eventually turned into runs. She loves the feeling of just bolting forward and not looking back. Lia adores the rain and she’s a big fan of canines.

Dislikes: Lia is absolutely TERRIFIED of reptiles, even being near one caged makes her start sweating. She does not like being tied down or trapped. Small spaces don’t worry her if she can easily get out of them. If she can’t she’s sent into a panic. She’s not a big fan of being cold either; she’d prefer to be dripping with sweat over her teeth chattering.

Hobbies: Lia loves to go for runs. If she could just keep moving she would and exercise is a big part of her day. Lia adores cooking, preferably baking sweets and she really likes dancing around the house. Lia’s not much of a dancer or a singer but she does like belting out songs in the car, in the shower or when she’s cleaning. It’s not much of a hobby but she’s found doing it quite a lot. Her brother’s aren’t big fans because her voice isn’t anything special.

Friends: Lia’s best friends with a girl named Uta. Uta and Lia went to high school together and they ended up working at the same café. Uta wants to be a model and with her striking looks there’s no doubt she will be. The two can usually be found giggling behind the counter together. She has quite a few other friends but Uta is her closest. She does know Kagome even though she’s older then her due to their mother’s being friends. Lia’s run a few errands for the girl when she was ‘sick’.

Enemies: She kept to Uta during school and didn’t have to many enemies. There was a girl or two who would pick on her because of her excess weight at the time but never anyone that Lia made an enemy. When she’s introduced to the feudal era, Naraku becomes high upon her list after befriending the Inuyasha crew.

Habits: Lia has a habit of playing with her hair. When she’s bored she’ll twirl a piece for hours around her finger. When she’s nervous she begins to fluff at her hair and gnaws at her bottom lip. She’s made herself bleed on more than one occasion because of nerves. Lia will also talk your ear off when she’s scared.

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