Isn't Life Full Of 'What Ifs'.

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With my father back, the work atmosphere has become full of tension

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With my father back, the work atmosphere has become full of tension. He's not an extremely mean guy, demanding but his presence radiates power. He started this company from the ground up, he's a proud guy and rightfully so. It's not a massive company, it's quite small considering, but it's one of the best investment banking firms in the county, possibly the state. His clientele comes all over the northeast, even as far as out west. He's made a name for himself, he's honest, loyal, and straight forward, all qualities needed in this kind of business. It doesn't hurt that he's extremely good looking, and that his young son is to be heir of the prestigious company. The day dragged and I couldn't wait to leave, even though I had no plans for the rest of my night. I thought about stopping by the garage, but I wasn't sure if V would be working, it'd probably be best that I didn't.

While walking out to my truck, I decide to call Vance.

"Yo man." He answered.

"What's good tonight?" I asked him.

"Come over, we're working on Jer's car."

"Over where?" Please don't say your house.


"Alright, be there in fifteen."

I pull the phone away from my face, about the push the red symbol. "Yo, Chase wait!" Vance yells stopping me from hanging up.


"Stop and grab a six pack, will ya?"

"Will do." This time he doesn't stop me from hanging up, I jump into my truck and drive towards the nearest beer distributor. Ten minutes later I'm parked in front of Jeremy's parents garage where the door is up and his car is parked inside with the hood open. I remove my shirt, leaving me in my wife beater and slacks. Not ideal but I don't need to ruin a shirt, my mom would have a fit.

Jer and Vance both greet me with slaps of the hand, and I take a seat on an old beat up couch off to the side.

"What you guys got going on?" I ask while opening up a beer. Vance strolls over and pulls a beer out of the pack too.

"Got a race this Friday." Jer says.

"Oh yeah? Anyone good?" I ask.

"Yeah. One of Dixon's goons. $500 bucks."

I whistle impressed at the stakes. The thought of Dixon brings thoughts of V, and if she'll be going to the track with them, even though she doesn't have her car. My phone vibrates and it causes my heart to pick up, wondering if it's V. I slip it out of my pocket, but it's not V. It's Shannon.

Shannon: You busy right now?

I stare at her text for moment, knowing exactly why she's texting me. She would be a distraction, to take my mind off of someone I shouldn't be thinking about but I have no interest.

Me: Yeah.
Shannon: What about tonight?

Vance joins me on the couch, sitting on the arm with his feet on the cushion. "That Nic?" he asks. I find it slightly twisted that he's saying V's nickname, and he doesn't even know.

"Nah, Shannon."

"Nice, dude. What she want?"

"Not sure."

"She wants the D."

I laugh, "Probably."

"So what about Nic?"

I sigh and lean my head back on the couch.

"Uh oh. She a crazy?"

"No. I don't know if that's gonna work." I tell him.

"Ah, we're too young to settle down anyways. We gotta have our fun before the ball and chain locks on."

Jeremy laughs from under his hood, "You ain't ever find any chick to put up with your bullshit."

"Ah, less stress that way."

"Better start collecting your cats now." Jeremy suggests and I laugh at the thought of Vance being an cat man, I can picture him sitting in his recliner with cats perched all around him while he watches tv.

"No way. Maybe I'll get some fish, like a cool salt water tank, chicks dig that shit."

"Where do you get this crap?" I ask.

He points to his head, "It's all up here."

I shake my head. "Little do they know how much of a loser you are."

"The less they know, the better."

I unlock my phone to respond to Shannon just as Vance asks, "You gonna meet up with her?"

"Nah. Not feeling it." And that's the truth, he just doesn't know that his sister is the reason why. I send Shannon a text, exit the conversation only to look at the last interaction I had with V, I close the app before doing something stupid like message her. "Any info on V's mystery dude?" I ask curiously, slipping my phone back in my pocket.

"Nope. She was pissy today, I didn't stick around for that."

"Taylor was pissy today too."

"Huh.." Vance grunts. "Maybe they're on the rag, if that's the case, I'll be avoiding her for the next week."

"Dude." I deadpanned.

"What?" He shrugs.

The sun has set by the time I leave the garage and head home. Another night was spent in the gym, this time working my legs until they felt like jelly. It's relieving to be so exhausted that I just pass out, but unlike last night, visions of a certain brunette clouded my mind. Instead of trying to stop them, I let them play out until I was fast asleep.

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