Chapter 6 - Smiles.

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Third Person's POV

It has been a month since Calum started living with Luke. To be honest, its the best month of his life. Its not only because Luke is sweet and full of concern, its because Calum actually has a crush on him for doing such things that makes butterflies erupt in his stomach.

The weather is a little bit cold. Calum is drinking his daily hot chocolate and looking out of the window. No matter how many times Calum tried to copy the Starbucks' recipe of hot chocolate, he can't seem to copy it.

He sliced a piece of his mocha cake, indulging its slight sweetness and coffee like taste. He's scrolling his tumblr to find something interesting.

He found a picture of a girl who's wearing black and white clothing. He finds her beautiful actually and calum gave him a heart.

The chime on the Starbucks' door chimes and Calum looked up, seeing the same girl he just gave a heart on tumblr.

He stood up and followed the girl who's holding onto (you) a man's arm. 'Wait!' Calum said a little loud making the girl turned back.

'Omg hi, I'm calum, I just gave your photo a heart.' Calum said and the girl gave him a smile. 'Thank you, you look very pretty today.'

'Pretty? How'd you know I'm gay?' Calum asked and the guy the girl is holding onto turned back.

'Calum?' Luke said and Calum was so surprised he clutched his chest. 'Lucas? Omg, you know each other?' Calum said as surprised as Luke.

'We uh how do I say this.. We just started dating?' Luke said and Calum can feel a tiny bit of his heart tear apart.

'W-what? When are you planning on saying this to me?' Calum said, acting like he's offended by the fact that Luke decided to date someone without telling him but in reality, he's offended because Luke started dating someone.

'Just like I said, we, just started dating.' Luke said and calum ran away, getting his food and bag before rushing back to Luke's and the girl's table.

'Hi!' Calum said and Luke furrowed his eyebrows. 'What are you doing here?' Luke asked. 'Since I am alone, I'm gonna join. If that's okay?' Calum said and the girl nodded before Luke could even say something.

'Yay!' Calum said and flopped down beside the girl. 'Let me introduce myself again, I'm calum hood. Luke's roommate slash housekeeper and best friend.'

'Hey don't be mean. I clean my room.' Luke pouted and Calum put a finger in front if him. 'He's a cool guy, date him longer.' Calum said and he doesn't even know what he's trying to say.

Confused by himself, Calum started packing his stuffs. 'I realized I have many things to do still. I'll see you guys soon. And Luke, bring take outs.' Calum said before rushing outside.

Luke didn't say anything, watching Calum leave knowing that something is wrong and he has a feeling something not right will happen once he got home.


'You're so fucking annoying Calum. What are you even saying in front of them! You should be mad because Luke is dating someone. Or maybe upset!' Calum said lowly, kicking the wall and hissing when a pain shoots from his foot.

Its true, he should be really upset or mad of Luke having a girlfriend. He shouldn't have pushed the two together and made them happy. But Calum is just too kind to think of his self first. Others are always in the front line.

'Cal? Where are you?' Calum heard Luke and he grabbed his notebook, hiding it under the blanket. Because of the notebook, Luke was able to read what is happening in Calum's mind, not exactly but easily.

'I-I'll be downstairs.' Calum said more to himself than Luke. He waddled his way downstairs seeing Luke set down take out food for dinner.

'How's the date?' Calum asked and Luke furrowed his eyebrows. 'Y-You're not gonna greet me or anything?'

'Isn't that question enough to make you feel welcome?' Calum snaps at Luke which made the boy quiet surprised.

'Sorry. Had to go to school because I left a book there and got caught up in a crowd.' Calum said and Luke easily recognized that as a lie but decided to ask Calum.

'Are you lying to me?'

'Well fuck, you already know why are you still asking?' Calum said and sat on the chair, and started eating. 'Sorry.' Luke said and Calum sighed. 'No, I should be the one sorry. Its just one of the days mood swings are happily swinging.' Calum said and that makes Luke furrow his eyebrows once more.

He has a feeling, that's a lie but when he tries to read Calum's mind and behavior, its shows nothing but honesty and truth.

The dinner was silent, making Luke's suspicions about "mood swings" true. If its just mood swings, Calum will still talk to him and ask him about things.

'T-The date was fun. She's a cutie so I guess its fun. You know, just answering your question a while ago.' Luke said and Calum nodded, not saying anything after that.

'I'll be taking a shower then gonna go to sleep, I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.' Calum said, throwing his leftovers on the trash bin before heading upstairs.


Soft music plays in Calum's ears. And when he says soft music, he really means panic or tøp.

He looks at the writings on the wall the he wrote. Trying to randomly pick one.

'Friends don't treat me like you do.'

Calum groaned loudly and mentally killed his eyes for picking that. He heard a knock on his door before it opened revealing Luke who's on his sweatpants.

'Are you alright? I heard you groaned.' Luke said and Calum sighed. 'You know, groaning is not just for "not being alright" it can mean to something more private. I'm fine, just don't get this grade 8 math. Forgot about it.' Calum said and Luke sighed.

'You're lying about why you groaned but I can perfectly see that you're having troubles with math. Here let me help you.'

Y/9 - 2/5 = 1/3

n+2/n+6 = 3/5

Luke take a look at the equations for less than 25 seconds and he got the answer. 'First problem is y=33/5. Second problem is n=4.'

'I would appreciate an explanation.' Calum said and Luke sat down beside him and Calum can feel his hot breath on his neck and the scent of Luke's menthol mouthwash but he ignored it and continue listening.

After a while, the answers Luke gave was correct since when they did the checking, he got all of it right. Luke smiled as he saw how Calum smiled and beamed, not knowing Calum can see that cute smile of his.

'Well thank you. I will probably sleep after this problem. I'll see you tomorrow.' Calum said and Luke nodded before giving him a sweet goodnight that Calum wished has an 'I love you'  in the end.

Just when Luke closes the door, Calum raised his mattress and grab the notebook he hid.

He opened it to the latest page before writing the date and a couple of words, that came in his mind.

10/3/16 22:18 pm

“he was very artistic, painting smiles on every faces but his own.”



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