I Like Your Batman Underwear ~ Epilogue

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I wake up to warm breath on the back of my neck. My eyes stay closed but I'm aware of Jace kissing my neck and jaw. His arm tightens around my waist and he pulls me closer to him. His breath is warm against my ear and I smile slightly; his breathing tickles.

        "I know you're awake, love," he whispers. He kisses my cheek.

        I turn over so that I'm facing him. As always, he takes my breath away. I never get tired of looking into those beautiful blue eyes, even after all these years. His face is still the same angelic as always, but there are faint sun crinkles around the corners of his eyes. I like those sun crinkles, though. They remind me of all the good times we've had together, and we've had a lot of them. Ten years' worth.

        "Good morning," I murmur.

        He grins and kisses me softly. His lips, still so perfect, move with mine, fitting together like puzzle pieces. The busy sounds of cars whooshing across the streets of Manhattan fade into the background and Jace's fingertips brush against my chest. I go to cup his face with my hand, when suddenly a new noise rings through the apartment.

        A baby's cry.

        Jace chuckles as he pulls away. He says, "Looks like Robin is awake."

        I quickly pull myself out of bed and pad across the room to the little crib in the corner. Robin is bawling his brown little eyes out and his round little face is red. I reach into the crib and pick him up carefully. I stroke his curly chocolate hair as I rock him back and forth, humming the tune of a special song.

'Cause there's nothing like you and I.
Nothing like you and I.

        He immediately stops crying and I stroke his cheek. He begins to giggle randomly, as he so often does, and I can't help but smile. He's so precious; our precious little Robin Bruce Wayne Storme, named after the super heroes that started all of this. We adopted him a year ago and our lives haven't been more complete.

        "Hey Robi-Bear?," Jace coos, coming up from behind me and stroking Robin's cheek. "How was your night, sweetie?"

        He giggles again and begins to clap his hands. Jace and I both laugh. He wraps his arms around my waist and I tilt my head to look at him. He grins at me softly and I wonder what he's thinking.

        "I love you," he whispers.

        "I love you too."

        He kisses me quickly before swinging his arms and scooping Robin from me. He put him on the back of his neck and begins to run through the apartment pretending he's an airplane. Robin laughs and it sounds like a thousand harps being strummed. I laugh while I attempt to follow them through the house.

        Yes, this is now my life with Jace—happily married with a son and living in Manhattan, the same city where he proposed to me. Sometimes we get on each other's nerves and fight, but we always make up. We try not to hurt each other and when we do we always apologize. One thing is certain—no matter how bad life gets, we will always be there for each other.

        I lean against a wall and steal a glimpse at my wedding ring. The message on it is slightly faded but I will always know what's written on it.

Batman + Robin = Forever

        Jace rushes over to me and places Robin on the floor. He begins to crawl around the living room, grabbing onto the couches and coffee tables for support when he tries to walk. Jace and I stare proudly. He stares at me and asks, "What are you thinking?"

        I just smile and reach up to kiss him. He places one hand on the wall beside my head and kisses me back. I smile against his lips.

        Yes, Batman and Robin will always be together.

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