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I'm sitting in the corner of the cell, glaring at Murphy. Clarke told me to "stop pouting" but I'm not pouting. I'm not.

She's walking back and forth, running potential escape plans out loud. Murphy and I had stopped listening; we know that when she comes across one that sticks, she'll let us know.

All I can think about is how I let this happen. There was an opportunity for me to send Clarke away, to shoot all of the Grounders. I didn't think fast enough, and now, here we are.

Well, it's Murphy's fault, too. I glare at him again. He looks amused.

I look up at Clarke. I know I'm supposed to be focused on getting out, but my mind keeps wandering back to our last conversation alone. If we had gotten a few more minutes, maybe I would known how she feels about me, for sure.

I'm pretty sure she feels the same as me. Our kiss was not one-sided. I just don't know if she wants to act on her feelings, or ignore them.

I get where she's coming from, I do. It would be hard for us to be leaders and be together, but I know it would be worth all the risks and difficulties. We're worth it.

"Okay, I got it," Clarke announces, and my attention snaps back to her. "We just have to-"


We all turn our heads to above, where we see Octavia. Except she doesn't look like Octavia. She has war paint on and has done some braid thing to her hair. She looks like a Grounder.

"We saw that you were gone... Lincoln told me you were captured and brought here," she whispers. "We're going to get you out."

"How are you here?" Clarke asks.

"I'm pretending to be a guard checking on you. I knocked him out." She must see my eyes widen. "Temporarily. This hole is in a hut with no roof, so it looks like you're outside. I snuck in here, and I had to look the part in case I got caught."

"Octavia, they'll recognize you, you need to get out, it's not safe," I say to her.

"I know what I'm doing," she says, almost rolling her eyes. "We're coming back to get you at night. Lincoln knows an herb that can put people to sleep, so I'm going to slip it in the guards' drinks so we'll be able to get you."

"Looks like you thought of that plan for nothing," Murphy says, standing up to face Clarke, grinning. He looks up at Octavia. "And I suppose you'll have a magical ladder for us to climb up?"

"I never said we were here to rescue you," Octavia replies, smirking.

"Just a joke..." Murphy says under his breath.

"I'm bringing some others, Finn, Jasper, Miller, and I'm leaving Monty and Raven in charge while we're gone. We have a rope to pull you up, but sorry, Murphy, it isn't magical," Octavia says, staring him down.

"Darn," he responds, snapping his fingers. I shoot him a look and he averts my gaze.

"That's a good plan, Octavia, thank you," Clarke says.

"I overheard someone talking. They said you're going to be questioned tomorrow morning, so as long as things go smoothly tonight, all you have to do is wait," Octavia tells us.

"Be careful," I tell her. She smiles at me. "I always am." That's not reassuring.

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