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Gideon | Carys

Good morning, Carys Allison.

You're never going to give that up now, are you?

Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down.

Okay, Rick Astley.

Hey! You know that song!

... Doesn't everyone? Where have you been living?

In your heart.

Wait what?!

Calm down. I was just joking, geez.

Yeah... Just joking. Haha...

Anyway. Now that I know who you are, I get to officially declare you as my friend.


You should be more excited! I'm an amazing person to be friends with!

I'd rather just have a handful of real friends than a bunch of people who only like you for your popularity.

That's not true. If I become super ugly today, I'm sure my friends at school would still like me.

Would you like to test that out?

... That depends on what you're planning to do.

Aww. Is strong, buff Gideon scared of what small Carys can do?

I'm not denying it. I've heard short people have a lot of pent up anger.

Ahh... So you've heard of the small group I've put together to destroy you. How unfortunate.

Was that a pun?

...possibly. If you want to believe that there is.

I don't want to believe it.

Well then no. What pun?

Feigning ignorance does not mean it's not there.


I'm a special case.

Said who? Your mental psychiatrist?

Ouch, Carys. You wound me.

If my words hurt you, you should feel my punch. ;)

Don't add in a winky face. It scares me.

Winky face? Oh. You mean this? ;) ;) ;) ;)

Stop it!

Who would have thought that Gideon would be scared of a face?

Who would have thought that Cupid would be the girl who's the vice president of our grade?

It doesn't really mean much.

Modest much?

Jealous much? ;)

No. I have better things to do than organise the next event in school.

Like what? Cleaning the change rooms when you do the wrong thing?

How do you know about this?

I have my connections, Payne.

That's a little creepy...

I know all of your little secrets... ;)

Are you also that one person who used to follow me home after school in grade 9?


What is your proof?

Do I look like a tall, dark haired guy to you? And plus, he literally used to live a street away from you.

Well I didn't know that at the time.

Yeah. Thanks to you, Phillip left before you could ruin his life more. He was a nice guy.

I actually apologised after I realised this. I felt super bad that I chased him off.

Who would have thought I would see the day where Gideon showed he had a heart?

Shut up.

How charming.

I know right? Don't I just take your breath away?

Now that your over sized ego has emerged... Not so much.

Well, you can only lose what you already have.

Solid burn, Gid.

Awww. You have a new nickname for me!

Not really, idiot dog.

Daaaaamn Carys. Back at it again with the bad nicknames.

Oh shush. Anything is better than Cupid.
And snake.

We don't talk about the second one. It was a phase.

You're a phase.

Then I bet you that you're hoping it never ends.

Yeah. That it never ends in happiness for you. ;)

Oh go away.


No wait. I didn't mean that.
And yet you do it anyway.
Aww come on Carys.

Go away. I'm doing my homework.

What homework?
There is no homework, is there?  

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