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Want to know what was going inside Ethan's brain that day he met Charlotte?

Check it out below!

Song of the chapter is 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles.



That's what I had been this last week. Restless as hell; needless to say it was annoying more than anything.

My wolf was constantly pacing, scratching at my mind and begging to be let out. I felt like I was trying to satisfy a newborn; I went hunting and slaughtered a couple of deer, went on longer runs, and beat the royal shit out of Billy this last week–but nothing satisfied.

I was restless.

I took a sip of my coffee and almost spilled it as my wolf snapped at me again. I growled at him; I had no idea what the hell he wanted. I figured I would take him on a longer hunt later this weekend.

But he snapped again, harder this time. Harder because there was a part of me that he was trying to claw out, a part that died a long time ago and he needed to leave it alone.

I took another sip then started to flip through the transfer files in front of me, giving them another sweep to make sure everything was in order for them today. I glanced over a couple until my eyes landed on one that they seemed to be drawn to almost instinctually.

Charlotte Renee Thorne.


Levi's new adopted pup.

I rubbed my face and took another long sip of my coffee. The whole thing was bizarre as hell to say the least, and I was still convinced that my uncle was probably out of his mind. Looking through her file almost confirmed that hypothesis; a human, a female to say the least, that survived the shift, that was apparently an alpha female–it was crazy.

Evan hadn't linked me since he got to Tikanni. I assumed it was because our uncle was indeed crazy and Evan was just going to wait until he got home to tell me what happened so he didn't spook Levi while he was there.

I couldn't blame Levi though. I'm surprised he's still alive. Last time I saw him he was slipping into the madness after seeing them– last time I saw him was also ten years ago when we were two very different wolves.

Thomas knocked on my door. He nodded to me with a new cup of coffee in his hand. "How's it going in here?"

I sighed and nodded to him. "Paperwork is done, we've got everything together."

"You get a chance to look at the draft itinerary for the council meeting by chance?"

"No, not yet."

"Ethan I need you to get on that," he sighed out.

"I know Thomas," I bit back. He raised his brows at me while my beast nudged me, pushed me to push back harder. I pushed him back. I had been snappy all week, hell, I was cranky with Evangeline this morning. I needed to go hunting again.

I looked back at Thomas and gave him a tired half smile. "Sorry, he's just been restless. I think I just need to go for a longer hunt this weekend."

Thomas' eyes relaxed before he gave me a half smile. "It's alright Ethan. You know, we have everything under control here. You can bug out it you want? I'm sure Evan and I can handle the transfers."

I shook my head. "It's fine. It won't take that long."

Thomas nodded into his coffee cup. "You're sister got the living quarters set up?"

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