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Year: 2015

Location: Silverado City, Justice


Payton Dallas: Niece of Danielle and Brendan Dallas, daughter of Erica Grimm, granddaughter of Trey Grimm, the villain Stormchaser, and Tristan Dallas (Brendan's younger brother). Left with Danielle and Brendan shortly after her birth by Erica to protect her from Trey. Powers of lightning manipulation don't show up until she is 17. Her best friend is Riley Fallon with her brother, Zachary, being her love interest.

Riley Fallon: Daughter of former Super Hero Phoenix (Maria Fallon) and Dylan Fallon and twin sister of Zachary Fallon. Best friends with Payton Dallas. 

Zachary "Zach" Fallon: Son of former Super Hero Phoenix (Maria Fallon) and Dylan Fallon and twin brother of Riley Fallon. Best friends with Zayne McGuire. He has his mother's powers over fire, but burns black. Keeps powers hidden from Riley. Known as Hero, Blackburn. Has a crush on Payton Dallas.

Elijah McGuire: Zachary's best friend. Has a huge crush on Riley but keeps hidden to avoid the "Angry Overprotective" brother, Zachary.   

Connor Bolton and Matthew Lace: Cousins. Bullies at Silverado High School.

Maria Fallon: Formerly known as the Super Hero Phoenix, with the power to control fire. Maria is the mother of Riley and Zachary Fallon and wife to Dylan Fallon. Good friends with Erica Dallas (neé Grimm). Helps Erica to keep Payton and Danielle and Brendan safe from Trey.

Dylan Fallon: Father of Riley and Zachary Fallon; husband of Maria Fallon.

Brendan Dallas: Tristan Dallas's older brother; husband of Danielle Rey, brother-in-law of Erica Rey-Grimm. Uncle of Payton. Very protective of Payton and worries about her when her powers go out of control. Powers of Technopathy but keeps hidden, only Danielle and family know, not Payton.

Renee Archer: Payton's main bully at Silverado High School; self-proclaimed girlfriend of Zach. Zach can't stand her and ends up running away from her.

Ryan Dallas: Payton's older adoptive cousin; 19-years-old, older brother of Colin and Everleigh; goes to Silverado University

Colin Dallas: Ryan's younger brother, Everleigh's older brother, Payton's younger adoptive cousin; 6-years-old; goes to Silverado Elementary School

Everleigh Dallas: Ryan and Colin's younger sister, Payton's adoptive cousin; 5-years-old; goes to Silverado Elementary School

[More Characters Coming Soon, Gotta think of them~]

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I own only the characters (not actors/actresses) and plot, along with the country, Justice.  Do not use without my permission. Also, any story I write like this, Payton is my main character and main Girl. So no stealing please~

EDIT (10/06/2016): Took Cast out as I need to rework some things. It'll be back don't worry~

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