Jasmine POV

"Come on Jasmine. Please pretty please with a cherry on the top." Leanne still won’t stop bothering me even though the school day is now over. She is my extremely cute best friend. She is 16, like me. She has blonde wavy hair that stops half way down her back, the most beautiful brown eyes, and a small nose and small mouth to go with it. She could get any guy that she wanted, but she loves Kevin, her boyfriend, and she is strictly a one man woman.

"Please it’s only a party. It won’t kill you to come." She continues.

Pfft. Yeah right. This seemingly innocent party is being thrown by the biggest b**** in school, Candice Carter. She's a cheerleader and has probably done all the guys in school. The only reason she is inviting me to her damn party is because she wants to do my brother or his best friend, but I know they wouldn’t stoop to her level. Shane, my 18 year old brother, and his best friend Chad (who is also 18) had been placed joint first on the 'most hottest guys' list which has been made by the cheerleaders in school. Yeah, they actually have a list.

Shane has big blue eyes, which he got from mum, and short gelled black hair. He is sweet to me and can be a great brother when he wants to be, but he is seriously over protective. He never lets me go to parties where there may be booze (which damn party doesn't have booze?), and he questions my boyfriends like he was my dad. Overall I love him, though, and can see why the girls in school like him. He is a player but is just waiting for right girl to come along.

Chad is a player through and through. He looks like one too with his startling green eyes, his blonde hair that sometimes fall into his eyes, and his six pack, which I have seen because he loves to think of our house as his. The Idiot. Today he is wearing a tight fitted white t-shirt, which you could see his abs through. He changes girls like people change clothes, but I have learned to put up with him, seeing as though he is Shane’s best friend, and practically thinks of our house as his the moron.

"Jaz, are you listening to me?" says Leanne.

"Yeah and fine okay I'll go, but if after an hour I hate it we are leaving. Do you get that?"

"Yes, I get it. I love you Jazzie," she says giving me a squeeze. I laughed and hugged her.

We walked our way towards my brother’s car, when I felt someone wrap their arm around my waist. I look to my side and saw green eyes staring down at me. "What you doing baby?" says Chad.

"Don’t call me that. And please don’t delude yourself into thinking that I would ever lower my standards for a player like you!" I snatch his hand away from my waist and look determinedly ahead.

"Aww, come one Jaz you know you want me." He says, flirting with me.

I give him a disgusted look and stalk off toward the parking lot. I knew I was being harsh, but his flirting really gets to me. I wasn't watching where I was going, so I trip over a stone and almost did a face plant into the concrete, when I feel strong arms on my waist pulling me up.

I steadied myself then without looking up thank my hero, "Thank you for catching me!"

"No problem." says a deep sexy voice.

I turn around and look up suddenly and a pair of light brown eyes staring back down at me. My 'hero' is none other than Dante Williams. Dante is the third most sought after guy at Tapton High. Well, that is, right after my brother and Chad. Dante is perfect in every way. He is tall, but not gangly. He has muscles and abs, which you could tell because of his slightly ab-hugging black shirt. He has a gorgeous face with light brown eyes that caught the sun and looked like melted honey.

I look down at my waist and saw that Dante hadn't taken his hands back, even when I had turned around. I blush and then as if he read my mind, Dante takes back his hands leaving a tingly sensation that spread throughout my body. I thank him once again and without looking at him walk to my brother’s car, but I feel someone grab my wrist. I turn around and see that it is Dante. He is holding my bag from one hand.

"Here I’ll carry it for you. Your Shane’s little sister aren’t you?"

"Yes, I am." I wince inside, hoping he wouldn’t judge me because of my brother being a player.

"You look a little bit like him because of your blue eyes. They look really pretty on your face you know, erm, I meant that you look pretty with blue eyes. Not that any other colour wouldn't be nice!"

"Thanks" I blush again and hurry over to my brothers Porsche. I pull out my set of keys and open the back door. I hold my hand out to take my bag back from Dante. As he placed the bag in my hand I feel tingles where his hand brushed against mine.

"I guess I’ll see ya around" says Dante. Wait. Was there a hint of sadness in his voice?

"I hope so, and thanks...again." I reply sincerely. No way. I’m probably just having weird thoughts. Was my mind playing tricks on me, or did Dante's eyes look regretful as he turned around and walked away to his own car? I get into the back seat and wait for my brother to come and drive us home.


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