Her Touch Is Intoxicating.

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I hung out with Vance for another hour before leaving, we didn't drink much more so I knew we both were okay to drive

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I hung out with Vance for another hour before leaving, we didn't drink much more so I knew we both were okay to drive. My feelings for V were heavily weighing down on me, the happiness and thoughts of pursuing something with her have evaporated. Seeing Vance stressed out over some random guy asking out V, I can't even imagine what he'd do if he knew about how I felt. I can't do something like that to my friend, to a friend I consider a brother. Considerably creating a fall out to people who are like family, more than my own.

Speaking of....the white Mercedes parked out front of the house indicated that my parents were home from their vacation. A involuntary groan slipped past my lip, I did not want to deal with their shit on top of the shit storm that are my feelings for someone I shouldn't have feelings for. After parking my truck behind the white SUV, I head inside, pausing in the foyer to listen for any sounds within the house. It remained quiet.

"Hello?" I yell out.

"In here." I hear my mothers voice call from the kitchen. I walk straight back, passing the staircase and into the large kitchen. My mother looks up when she hears me enter, disregarding the stack of mail she was sorting on the center island in front of her.

"Chase, honey?"

"Hey mom."

A large floppy white hat sits upon her head, even though she's indoors where the sun can no longer reach her. She rushes towards me, a wide smile forms on her lips exposing her white, perfectly straight teeth. Her reaction to seeing me seems genuinely happy, the anger I've felt
for the past two weeks has momentarily subsided. I allow her arms to wrap around me, not even caring that her hat is poking me in the neck, pulling me into a hug.

"I am so sorry that we weren't here for your homecoming." she pulls away but keeps her hands on my arms, "It's so good to have you home."

I bite my tongue, knowing it won't make a difference, and just smile. "It's good to be home. Where's dad?" I ask.

She moves away, the question seeming to annoy her and went back to her pile of mail, "He went to check in on everything at the office."

"But you guys just got home." I say incredulously.

"Yeah" she waves her hand, "You know how your father is."

I grunt, "Yeah. Well I'm going up to my room." 

My mother doesn't say another word. I watch her for a second, sorting through the mail before turning my back on the kitchen, then head towards the stairway. Skipping two steps at a time up the stairs, I unbutton my shirt as I walk down the hall to my room, ripping it off my body then toss it into the laundry basket just inside my closet. I pace my room until sitting on the edge of my bed, no longer thinking about the unexpected arrival of my parents but the girl who takes up most of my thoughts anymore. The effect she has on me, the fact that I cannot stay away from her, and the primal urge to claim her. I'm experiencing feelings I've never felt before, I feel like a damn caveman right now, possessive and jealous. Shit. I just remembered I never responded to V's messages. Pulling my phone from my pocket, there's three unread messages.

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