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Demetri relaxed, leaning against the frame of his stone window overlooking the beach. Finally, after a thousand years of existing he was living. He truly felt like he had a place to call home, it was just funny how he had found his way back to Greece. Though he wasn't born on Crete, it still had the same scent and feel as his birthplace. He had spent his teenage years on the streets of Athens and knew it like the back of his hand, but before that. Before becoming 'the Hunter', he was just Demetrius, the little boy who lived in a small shack in Sparta with his mother.

The tracker was thankful to his masters for letting him go even though it was a little against their will. He could tell Aro was not pleased but Andy made sure that all parties were happy with the arrangement. His thoughts travelled to the Greek coven. He wouldn't consider them his own yet, but they were his mate's coven and they were loyal and loved her. They were all still relatively young in his eyes though, none of them had a decade to their names yet, but he knew if Andy had her way, they would get much more than that.

He didn't forget what he had left behind though. Namely Carina, who couldn't leave as she was bound too tightly to the Volturi and the twins. He promised that he would visit her and knew he would have to make frequent trips to Volterra to help with her training as she's not the easiest vampire to teach.

His eyes wandered to the shore where his mate was watching the waves rolling in gently on the sand. She stood so that the water kissed her feet a small shell in her hand and a wave of nostalgia overcame him.

She was wearing a simple white dress that fell to her ankles and reflected the moonlight causing her form to glow like a goddess. Her posture was tense, and he recognised that she was lost in thought as he made his way to her. His hands were buried in his pockets as his bare feet sunk into the cool sand.

Andy had told him she had been remembering things from her human life more and more every day, but this image had him remembering as well.

He didn't realise until his mind was thrust back into the past.

A scrawny boy of the age of nine made his way along the shore his feet leaving prints in the sand. The sun was shining brightly above him as he picked up shells. His mother liked the shells he brought home for her and he hoped it would somehow make her better. He picked up his feet spotting a conch the size of his hand resting in the water being pushed gently towards him by the waves. With excitement, he bagged the shell and continued his path.

He jumped in surprise as a girl around the same age as him ran out from the trees on the shore tears streaming down her cheek as she frantically looked around at the sand for something. She was dressed in the finest fabrics and her hair was braided up intricately.

She was so distressed she didn't even notice him approach.

"Do you need some help?" He asked the girl with golden hair. She looked up at him with sky blue eyes that sparkled with tears as they met his own bright blue orbs.

"I can't find it." She said through sobs.

"I can help you if you want." He told her. "What are you looking for?"

"It's a coin." She said her eyes still darting around the shore. "My mama gave it to me before she died, it's all I have left."

"What does it look like?"

"It has Hermes on it." She told him and he nodded turning to search the sand with her. A glint of metal reflected the sunlight and he rushed over to it picking up the coin.

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