He Sings In The Morning.

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[Mike's Pov]

I stood in the bus, staring at Tony's pink cheeks. We both sat on the couch, "Look, Mike there's something I have to tell you." He looked at me. "No, There's nothing you need to tell me." I told him. He looked at me puzzled. "Tony, when I was unconscious in the hospital, everything you said...I heard it." Tony's jaw dropped. "Really? How?" he questioned me. "I have no idea. But I can tell you, I feel the same way. I love you Tone." I finished.

[Tony's pov] 

When Mike told me he heard everything I said, I got scared at first. But then, I heard him say he felt the same. That he actually loved me. My heart dropped. It dropped in a good way though, I was so happy to hear those words come out of Mike's mouth. I grabbed Tony's hand with mine and we both walked out the bus door. 

[Jaime's pov]

Me and Vic were guarding the bus door when Tony and Mike walks out holding hands. 

"You finally told him!" I yelled

"I didn't have to..Somehow he heard everything I told him in the hospital." Tony explained to me and Vic. Tony then looked up and kissed his new boyfriend.

"Well, newly love birds, are you guys up to play a concert or what!?" Vic yelled.

Tony and Mike looked at each other "Hell yeah man! Let's do this!" Mike said.

*Later on that night*

[Tony's pov] 

Before we walked on stage to kick off our concert, Mike kissed me and told me good luck. His lip ring was cold, but I liked it. We then did our 'before concert chant' thing we always did before concerts. Starting with Jaime, we chanted "Jaime!....The devil is every where" then to Vic "Vic!..The devil is every where." and then Vic and Jaime sang "Perrentes!....The devil is everywhere! P! T! V!" and we all ran off onto the stage. 

After the show we all met some fans. One girl ran up to me and Mike and screamed in our ears "Is it true?? Is Perrentes real?" she squealed. I looked at Mike and he looked at me. "Yes." he said pulling me in for a hug, "Without this guy right here," he pointed at me "I don't know where I'd be." he finished. I looked up at him "Mike, you're fucking amazing." I told him with my usual shy voice. He grew a huge smile on his face "You too Tone." he said. 

[Mike's pov]

I still couldn't help but smile at the fact that the person I had secretly loved for years was finally mine. Since me and Tony were a couple now, we settled in my bunk and watch Harry Potter and Star Wars. Tony fell asleep near the end of Star Wars, so I turned off the TV in my bunk and we both went to sleep. 

*The next morning*

[Tony's pov] 

I decided to wake up early so I could fix my boyfriend a delicious breakfast before he started his day. So I made him a breakfast omelette and some French Toast. I sang a long to a song that had come on the radio as I set the table for breakfast. Seeing how Vic and Jaime weren't up either, I made them some breakfast. I turned around to see Mike yawning and I ran over to hug him. "Good morning handsome." I said, he looked at me "Great morning actually!" he smiled and hugged me back. I decided I would make some bacon too, so when it was done frying I set some Bacon on each plate. "Ohhh what are you making Tony?" Vic said as he climbed out of his bunk. "Breakfast for all of us!" I said cheerfully.

When we were all done I did the dishes and sat on the couch with Mike, putting my head on his chest. We were watching some cartoons (because that's how we roll.) and then we played some FIFFA.

[Mike's pov]

After we ended our game, I rolled up Tony's sleeves once more and kissed every scar and Wound he had on his skin, keeping the promise I made to myself. As I was kissing each scar and wound, I sang along to one of my favorite songs by our own band, but I changed the lyrics a little bit (from she /her to he/him.) "I kissed the scars on his skin, I still think you're beautiful, and I don't ever want to lose my best friend." Tony had to sit on my lap, facing me in order for me to be able to look him in the eyes the same time as I sang to him. I watched as his cheeks turned pink and he wrapped his arms around my neck. At that time I was thinking 'Yeah, Tony is the girl in this relationship, but I love him no matter what gender he was or acted like. All I know is he's perfect.'  "So, Mr. Perry," I started as I looked at him, still sitting in my lap. "What shall we do today?" He thought for a second and said "I know!" 

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