Trust Me Again

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Chapter 21
(3 weeks later)
Quinns pov:
It's been 3 weeks since Rachel and I got back together and you can still feel some tention between us. I can't help but feel like she doesn't trust me and why would she I cheated on her but when we did it I thought we be okay again but now I feel like we're either further apart. I texted Rachel to meet me in the auditorium because I needed some answers.

"Hey doll I got your text whats up?" She asked me .

"We need to talk." I said.

"Okay." She said.

"Do you trust me?" I asked her.

"What?" She asked me.

"Do you trust me anymore?" I asked her again.

She looked away and sighed ,

"I want too. I want too so badly, but I just I can't and it kills me. It's just everytime I look at you I picture you with her and it makes me so angry and then I think that maybe when we did it it was a mistake and that it was out of anger and that is not how I want to remember my first time. " She cried.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked her.

"Because it was special to me Quinn. Because I want so badly to forgive you and not scream everytime I see you. I love you but what if were not ready to be together again what if we just need time." She said.

"Do you think we need time?" I asked her with tears in my eyes.

She wiped her tears and said,

"I know I love you and that you were my first and that will always mean the world to me but I also know that I don't want to hate you anymore and I think in order to do that I need to forgive you and I need to figure out how too. What about you?" She asked me.

"I think I need to forgive myself first and then figure a way out to show you I deserve your love and respect again." I said.

She leaned in and said,

"You know I think we may need to find you a new place. " She said.

I chuckled and said,

"Yeah me too." I said.

"I love Quinn." She said with tears.

"I love you too Rachel and I always will." I said and we kissed one last time before leaving .

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