Author's Note! (Again...)

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Alright guys, this is just a status update from me again. Be prepared for excuses and shoutouts XD

First of all, lemme just say we almost have 500 reads and I'm LITERALLY DYING. I'm so happy! 

Second of all, I'm to the part of the story where there's going to be a lot of dialogue and action scenes. Those take a little longer to write, so I'm telling you in advance I'm sorry for any late updates! Plus, ya know. Highschool, college class, volleyball, and family stuff going on all at the same time. Craziness.

Also, thank you all for the HUGE support you've given me! And shoutout to all of you for the follow and votes, and actively commenting! I love knowing what y'all think.

Another thing, please please pleeeaaase check out Eiffel_Tower46, her story The Taken is soooo good! And Metalhead-777 and I are still(slowly but surely) working on The Roots Within, so if you have some time check that out as well- he's a great writer and it's been cool to work with him on this! They have both given me so much support and I love them so much, I'd love for you guys to get to know them as well ^_^ 

And lastly, thank you all just for reading this story. I know I say this sooo much, but this book means so much to me, and knowing that people other than just my friends are enjoying it means so much more. This has already been such a crazy road, and I freaking love it. I'm trying not to be all soft and happy and overly thankful but let's be honest. THIS IS CRAZY COOL! For me, anyways. This is like... The biggest thing I've done.

Also, random little fun fact for your Sunday: I got a small acting job in a murder mystery theater night ^_^ It's super exciting, and I have a script I have to completely memorize in less than a week! Yay! (I guess when I said lastly last paragraph I was lying. Whoops.)

Anyways, I won't take any more of your time XD I've rambled ALOT. Long story short, I'm really thankful and having a GREAT day today, so I thought I'd share the happiness and thanks with you guys! Love you all!

Savy Pearson

P.S. I just checked again today and we're #389 IN SCIENCE FICTION YAYYYYY!!!!

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