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Michael trailed off mid-sentence and his cousins followed his gaze to you, a small boy tugging at your hand as he wondered around with wide eyes, gazing back at you as you spoke quietly with him.

"Come on Michael leave her be she probably has a good man at home." Arthur chuckled.

They watched as he walked up to you, stopping when you pulled your son close and shared a knowing look with Michael, the sight drawing his cousins over.

"(Y/N)." Michael muttered and glanced down to the boy who was looking between the two of you.

"Henr..." He scoffed and slowly went to crouch down to look at the boy who was the spit of him.

"Michael." He corrected and smiled at the boy.

"You want to introduce us Michael?" Tommy asked wearily, unsure if you were a friend or not.

"Not really." Michael muttered and motioned for you to follow him.

Michael sighed as Tommy let him into his office and pointed to a seat. Michael wasn't ready to tell the family who you were, why he'd been so surprised to see you, but he had no choice judging by the look Tommy was giving him.

"You've been gone for two days Michael, we had no way of finding out where you were." Tommy sighed as he took a seat himself.

"I was busy." Michael replied curtly and waited for Tommy's harsh reaction.

"Busy with the girl who seemed to know who you were and her boy who looks just like you?" Tommy sighed. "Why don't you tell me what's going on?"

"We were together when I was... Henry, we were close, very close and one day she was sent away." Michael muttered.

"That was the last you heard from her." Tommy finished for Michael who nodded.

"Her son's name is Henry and she moved to Birmingham to get away from her parents." Michael rubbed the back of his neck as Tommy lit a cigarette.

"I suggest you introduce her to Poll." Was all he said when he finally dismissed Michael.

Michael led your son up the stairs, smiling when the boy blabbered away, not making any sense but happy to have someone willing to listen to him. Poll yanked open the door as soon as she heard you and eyed you suspiciously before fussing over the child.

The rest of the afternoon went by pleasantly. It was obvious to Poll that you and Michael were in love with each other but reluctant to press the subject. Finn's old toys were drug out from under beds and the corners of rooms, your sun played with Michael by the fire while Poll, not so subtly questioned you.

"It's late I should take Henry home." You mumbled.

"I'll walk you back." Michael jumped to his feet and smiled when you did.

"Esme and I are with John's children tomorrow, perhaps you'd like to come." Poll offered and you nodded.

"I'd like that thank you." You picked Henry up and let Michael lead you out of the flat.

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