After that bright blow, Rix and I landed on our feet. We circled around to the back of the heartless to see how slow or fast it would be able to move. After we stood behind it for a few second it just started to make its way to turn around. I smiled and knew that this would be easy.  The heartless started to swing its weapons, but Rix and I both dodged them. She gave it a few magical blows with Ice and fire, which did stun it a little.  The heartless spun around wildly as it swung its weapons and the fire on them blazed. Just before I saw Rix would be hit I teleported to her using the darkness and teleported us above the heartless's head.

            "Thanks," Rix said.

            "Sure thing," I smiled.

            "Hey think you can loan me the power of darkness for a moment? Just for a moment, I don't wanna get all corrupted like you, Renxsuke and Riku." There was Riku's name again....yet again affiliated with the darkness...maybe I could ask Rix what she knew about it and hopefully she would tell me. Was Riku possibly a bad person? I honestly didn't know why I was so hung up on Riku, a person I only met once, all he did was save me and then disappeared. But I guess it was more so of the fact that his name tended to pop up quite often around castle oblivion, along with Sora's, but Riku came up a bit more frequently.

            "Uh...alright...what are you going to do?"

            "You'll see, now just hit me with it!"

            I nodded as my grip on her became a bit tighter  and I let some of the darkness seep from my hands. It began to move up her arm in black and dark purple strings, like water. And then It seeped into her skin. I noticed that she had closed her eyes when the darkness was attaching to her, it must have hurt her heart a little. When I touched her I could feel that she had quite a fragile heart.

            When the pain passed she shook her head and looked down at the heartless that had finally stopped spinning. It flung both its weapons at us and we both dodged them and then the heartless roared in anger. As its mouth was open Rix blew a blast of darkness in its mouth and it went down its throat. We heard a grumbling in it's stomach and the blast exploded but it didn't cause much damage.

            I chuckled at her and said, "I could have done that."

            "Hey! I tried! And I just wanted to see how it felt."


            "I don't like it, get it off me." I laughed and took her hand and absorbed the darkness that I gave her as it returned just like in went, like strings of water.

            "Alright, let's get this over with, you take the back I'll take the front."

            She nodded and landed on the heartless's shoulder and ran along its back and I floated around to its front. "Alright, I'm ready!"

            "Now!" I lunged forward as I summoned my other blade Lost memory and we, from both sides, plunged our blades in its body and slid down the heartless as blazes of white light followed like a flame, to cut it in strips. And when we landed on our feet and Rix met back up with me, the strips of the heartless flared around as the heartless roared. A bright light shined, blinding us, and when it disappeared the heartless was whole again as if nothing had happened.

            "What?!" Rix screamed.

            "It rejuvenated?!" I said. The heartless roared and swung its weapons. "Wait!"

            "What?" Rix asked.

            "You know how you gave it that blast and it seemed to not do anything?"

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