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Whether you’ve had your heart broken, found true love, or are still looking—everyone knows that when it comes to love, there are two sides to every story. Our friends at Chronicle Books have just published the ultimate Valentine’s Day book, Girl Meets Boy, and to celebrate, author Kelly Milner Halls is stopping by Wattpad for an exclusive contest.

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About the Contest:

Girl Meets Boy is a collection of romantic encounters told from one person’s point of view and then the other’s. Here’s a conversation from the book told from a guy’s perspective. Read it carefully and then write the scene again from the girl’s perspective. In your writing sample, you’ll be Raffina—and someone has just asked you on a date. Please limit your entry to 300 words or less and tag your story response “girlmeetsboy” for your chance to win! The contest begins January 18 and wraps up on February 8. Winners will be announced on February 14.

Excerpt from Girl Meets Boy:

As if she’s just sensed me standing there, Raffina turns around and walks toward me. I don’t know what to say, so I force a smile again.

“You look pretty happy today,” she says.

I feel the tiniest rush of confidence, and I answer “I am. It’s a pretty great day” …I try to find my place in my practiced speech; I try to figure how to start, where to start. I can’t do it, can’t remember anything …I think I see a flicker of disappointment in her expression. We’re standing in the hallway with a thousand kids brushing past us, just like that day with Debra and the punch. But at this moment,

I can only see Raffina. I really like her a lot.

It’s now or never. “Wanna go out?” I ask, not too loudly, but not too softly either.

She’s looking in my eyes and I’m waiting. At least this time I’m braced and ready for a punch to land.

Softly, so low that no one else can hear her, she says simply, “Sure.” And smiles again.

Suddenly, everything I’ve been worried about seems ridiculous. She’s a girl. I’m a guy. I like her and she-I feel one last flash of doubt. “I mean like on … like on a date type thing?”

She smiles again and gives a little laugh. “Yeah I got that, ” she says.

In spite of myself, I can’t stop from thinking, Take that Debra. But in another few seconds, looking into Raffina’s eyes as she looks back into mine, I realize that Debra Quarantino is the last person in the world I’ll ever think about again.

Grand Prize:

The contest will be judged by the series editor and YA author, Kelly Milner Halls. She’ll select one writing sample as the grand-prize winner. The grand-prize winner will receive: A copy of Girl Meets Boy signed by all 12 authors The chance to submit 25 pages from a work in progress to Kelly Milner Halls for feedback A 30-minute Skype video conference with Kelly to discuss the publishing business and his/her manuscript A copy of Kelly’s favorite how-to book on writing.

Runners Up:

Four runners-up will each receive a copy of Girl Meets Boy signed by all 12 of the authors.

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