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"burgers comin' through," ian yelled as he walked into the living room with steve, a burger in each hand

"burgers comin' through," ian yelled as he walked into the living room with steve, a burger in each hand. steve and ian had gone out to buy the gang lunch meanwhile frank was out at the alibi room. "uh lip, napkins," fiona ordered her younger brother. karen tried to help out but lip told her to just sit down.

when the burgers were being handed out, veronica walked in from the front door and got herself situated on the couch. she noticed karen sitting and asked, "who's this?" lip replies with, "this is karen." veronica smiles and compliments her shirt. fiona hushes v and everyone's attention is on the tv.


mariel was still in bed, sleeping. she had a rough night and was in no mood to get up and interact with anyone outside of her room. a small knock was at her door and mariel didn't bother answering it. the knocking continued until she woke herself up and dragged herself out of bed. she swung her door open and looked at the person before her. mandy. "the hell do you want, mandy?", she sighed. "it's noon. you should be up and about," mandy smirked and eyed her sister up and down. mariel was only wearing a tight tank top and underwear. mariel shook her head and hissed, the hallway light burning her eyes. "hungover?", mandy giggled as her sister threw herself back on her bed. "in a way," mariel moaned and threw her duvet over her. mandy crept under the covers and laid with mariel.


frank storms into the gallagher household, making sure he slammed the front door. all heads turned to see a bloodied frank. steve asked if he was okay but frank simply ignored him. "hey," ian called out, "that my shirt?" frank turned around, the main reason why he had a bloody nose. at the pub, mr. jackson found frank there and head butted him. he didn't want ian near karen.

"yeah," frank nodded his head. he walked closer to ian but ian stepped back, "i-i'm just asking." ian knew frank wasn't too fond of him and he didn't want him to dislike him even more. frank head butted ian in the nose, letting ian to into the table behind him. the gang jumped into action, immediately tending to ian, who now had a bloody nose also. "guy at the bar said to pass it on," frank sneered and was pushed back by steve, fiona's somewhat boyfriend. "what the fuck is wrong with you, frank?," steve screamed. "jesus christ, dad," fiona sighed. veronica grabbed carl's head to shield him from what was going to happen next.

"you're drunk, frank. drunk," steve said to frank again. frank and steve continued to fight as debbie walked in with a pan, ready to hit someone but lip stopped her. "what are you, a tough guy, steve? you think you're a fucking tough guy? because you look like a premenstrual filipino," frank spoke up. fiona pushed steve back before he could pounce. fiona ordered steve to leave while frank called him a pussy.

"ice," veronica ordered someone. "it's a bloody nose. he's not really dying," frank said to her. "really, frank?", veronica replied.

"anybody notice that i'm bleeding?", he complained. today was just not frank's day and it was getting worse by the second.

upstairs, ian was getting rid of his bloody shirt. lip was on his bed rolling up. "you should've hit him back," lip suggested as he looked down at his joint. "if i ever do, i'll fucking kill him," ian muttered as he pulled on a new shirt. lip continued, "so? eight to ten for manslaughter. get laid as often as you want. tattoos and everything. it's gay heaven, man." ian gave him a funny look and took the blunt from lip, lighting up.


the next morning the gallaghers did their daily morning rituals. debbie stole newspapers and supermarket catalogs from other houses. ian and veronica went to the dairy truck in town to steal goods off of him. as v was stalling conrad, the dairy guy, ian snuck around behind the truck. he grabbed a gallon of milk and a tub of butter. just as he was about to run off, he was interrupted by a loud cough.

he dropped the milk, letting it splash at his feet as he turned around to face mariel. what the hell? "what the hell?", he hissed. "stealing dairy products from conrad? why am i not surprised?", she crossed her arms and looked at the milk on the ground. "you're fuckin' creepy, you know that?", ian muttered as he went to grab a new gallon of milk. mariel shrugged, "i'm a lot of things, gallagher. but the only thing i'm not is a creep. i'm an observer. i observe things." "you still owe money for that lollipop," ian brought up again, he had no idea what to talk about besides lollipops and dairy. mariel rolled her eyes and walked closer to ian, he examined every up close detail about her. her soft, pale skin. her visible freckles. her plump lips. her small green brown eyes. he also happened to notice bags forming under her eyes and a small bruise on her neck.

"well, i'm not one to cry over spilled milk but i gotta dash, gallagher. see ya around?", she giggled and snatched the milk from him and walked off. she's always stealing something from him. veronica came around the corner and saw ian staring off into the direction where mariel walked. "ian? we need to get going. why is there milk on the floor?", veronica asked. ian shook his head and grabbed another milk, "don't worry about it."

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