Chapter 1

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Okay so I said I would make another one of these but with the Avengers. So here it is! 

<Basically the Avengers version of "We Do Care"> 



8 Months Ago 

Spider-Man Disappeared

Sam claimed that he wouldn't be back, that he was gone for good, dead even. Natasha and Wanda both agreed. 

However, Steve, Tony, Clint and Pietro believed in the arachnid. They believed that he would be back. 

They made an agreement, that if the boy appeared again, then they would ask him to join the Avengers. 

7 Months Ago 

Spider-Man Appearance

Spider-Man returned when the Rhino appeared. 

"Well, damn," Sam said, looking at the News Report. That bought everyone's attention. 

"Spider-Man's return! Where was our friendly neighborhood spider? Why did he disappear? More questions to come. Now, passing on to John for the news...

That brought a smile to Tony's mouth. 

6 Months Ago

Spider-Man's Invitation 

"Hey kid," Tony said. Spider-Man's glare turned to him. Captain America walked up to the hero. 

"How about joining the Avengers?" 

5 Months Ago 

Spider-Man's Reveal

Spider-Man took off his mask in the main living room. Everyone stared wide-eyed at the boy. 

"Hi," he said, a smile placed on his lips. "name's Peter Parker." 

1 Months Ago

Something's Happening 

"Tony," Steve said, pulling the billionaire aside. 

"Yes, Steve?" Tony asked, clearly annoyed. Steve took a deep breath before continuing, 

"Have you noticed something different in Peter recently?" Steve broke out. Tony inhaled. 

"You've noticed too?" Tony asked, breathing out a sigh. "Yeah. He's been more paranoid, been isolated. He won't make many jokes, he's gone silent." 

"What do you think's wrong with him?" 

"I dunno, but I'll see if I can make him laugh." 

Present Day

The team had just came back to the tower, all battered and bloody. They had successfully  finished a hostage mission, finally getting back to the tower to have a break. 

Everyone had at least something bleeding or bruised. 

Tony had a lot of bruises on him. 

Steve had small cuts everywhere and had a bullet skim his shoulder. 

Clint had a long gash on his arm, but it was shallow. 

Pietro had a few bruised ribs. 

Wanda had a few small cuts. 

Natasha twisted her ankle. 

Bruce was fine, cloth less, but okay. 

Sam broke one of his wings and got a few scrapes. 

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