Incomplete Mission

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Sebastian allowed me to walk in first into the earl's office. I took a few steps in, and Sebastian followed and closed the door behind us. Ciel, without looking up from his paper work gestured for me to sit in the large chair in front of his desk and with a simple nod I follow his instructions. Once I sat in the chair I crossed my legs and rested my elbow on the arm rest of the chair then propped my head on my hand. Ciel set his paper pen down and did the same. Sebastian stood at the side of his master like he normally would. Honestly, the tension in the room was so thick it could be cut by a knife.

Ciel POV

She looked absolutely stunning. But I can't have her. Though, I'm sure she'll come around once Sebastian turns me into a demon.

Your POV

After the icy piercing stare Ciel gave you, which of course had no effect on you he decided to speak up. "Well, Madame (l/n) I'll just cut straight to the case. First of all, the person we captured at the ball was not the ring leader. Which of course means that we need to do some more investigating. We would like it if you continued working with us. What do you say?" I sighed softly for a second before meeting his exposed eye. If this was the only way you could see Sebastian then damn it you'd do anything. "Yes. I'll continue working with you." I said simply.

Ciel seemed almost shocked by your answer. He was definitely expecting a stern no. He chuckled then flipped his hair out of his eye. "I wasn't expecting that answer (y/n), may I ask why you said yes?" Without any emotion you pointed your manicured index finger to Sebastian, not saying another word. "Ah I see." Ciel nodded. Sebastian smiled slightly. "Well, there is another reason why I called you here and you seemed to point it out already so I might as well." He sighed.

"Well... out with it...." I muttered while keeping the same bored gaze. Ciel sighed. "Well, I think it finally clicked to me that you'll never have any interest in me..." he started. "It took you that long to realize?" I cut him off by saying. He rolled his eyes. "What can I say. A beautiful lady is in my manor I can't help myself." He chuckled. "And you acted like this because when you have a fu- " I grumbled to prevent myself from swearing. "When you have a fiancé? What about her?" I asked, with concern covering my voice. Ciel groaned. "She's absolutely hopeless. It's a planned marriage. And I have no intentions on marrying such an annoying brat." "Talk about the pot calling the kettle black." I mumbled softly, but Sebastian heard and let out a deep chuckle. "Anyway, if Sebastian wishes to be in a relationship then I will allow it. His feelings for you are definitely genuine." I smirked at the earl and looked up to Sebastian then back to Ciel. "Where is all this coming from?" I asked him. "I had a conversation with Sebastian over breakfast this morning, which you missed. But all is forgiven."

I sat in silence for a moment. So the conversation I over heard is what he is speaking of? Hmn.

"Also, I know you're not human." He said calmly. I wasn't even surprised, I was slightly irritated though. "How did you find out then?" I asked him. "Well demons are lustful creatures no?" I nodded. "And Sebastian can't simple have feelings for a mere mortal. I put two and two together. But it's all okay. I'm fine with it all."

This was so much to take in. Ciel knew I was a demon, and he's okay with me and his butler being together? Where is all this coming from? What's your motive Ciel. I kept thinking to myself. I then inhaled and looked down at my feet. "Thank you for letting this happen, but when this mission is all over, and I leave, how am I going to see him? I can't just take him away, as much as I want to." I giggle and Ciel furrowed his eyebrows. "You simply have to live here, work for me and I'd offer you a place to stay. The staff at your old manor can help around here as well." He huffed. "I love Sebastian but I'm not going to be your maid brat." I grumbled. "B-br..." Ciel sighed. "No, you'd help me manage my business and assist in advertising. Also, you'd work as a model for my candy and toys. You'll be paid of course." I squinted for a second before sighing. "Alright. I accept your offer." I nodded, satisfied with that the earl was saying. Of course I wasn't fond of him but I was going to do it as long as Sebastian is around.

Sebastian's POV

I'm stunned that my master would let me and my lady be together, though I'm not exactly sure what his true plans are. Although, having an actual female demon as my lover, that I can see everyday will be a nice touch to this dreadful manor. At least I can have an escape from the constant kitchen explosions and other drabbles. Also, maybe that reaper will lay off my back since I'm taken. The thought of all this happening makes me smile. It's funny how love can take you away from your problems for moment. I'm excited. I have something to look forward too everyday. I honestly thought today would be our last day together, but with my master's generosity, I'm able to have this. I can't wait to celebrate with my lover tonight.

Her working with my master for his company is actually a good idea. She is beautiful and would work well for a model. Also she is extremely intelligent, so she's do well for the business aspect of things.

I can not wait for our little date. Our first date and we don't have to sneak around. I could almost squeal like a little school girl right now. Calm down Sebastian. I inhaled and watched as (y/n) stood up from her seat. It seems like they were done speaking.

Your POV

"Alright Madame (l/n), this is all. You start work first thing on Monday with my company. I'll let you know of any leads in the case as well." Ciel said simply. I nodded and stood out of the chair. My cleavage I'm full view to Ciel who turned his head away, though I saw the tips of his ears burning up.

"Sebastian, escort her out, later today after your chores you maybe free to go out with her." Ciel commanded. I still hated the way Ciel spoke to Sebastian, but he seemed to be used to it. I inhaled then felt an arm around my waist, of course it being Sebastian's arm. I melted slightly into it while him and began heading out of the office.

"Oh (f/n) one more thing." Ciel called to me and I paused and turned to face him, with Sebastian still holding me but not as tight. "I know you're a demon and demons don't eat, though I'd still like it if you'd join me for meals if that's okay with you." He said while going back to his paper work. "That's fine." I stated. "Thank you once again for accommodating everything. I truly appreciate it." I smiled sweetly to him, for what seemed like the first time. He looked up at me with a smirk. "Oh it's no trouble, after all, I'm quite glad you're staying here now." He kept the smug appearance which only made me more suspicious for why he is suddenly being so nice.

Sebastian and I left Ciel's office and once I was away from his hearing range and looked up to Sebastian. "Darling..." I said while keeping my view ahead. "Yes?" He said while looking at me. "Why is he suddenly so nice to me?" I said with squinted eyes. "Hmn... I'm not sure. I am a bit suspicious myself... but I guess only time can tell. On the other hand, im so happy that you get to stay here with me..." he laid a kiss on my temple. I nodded and looked up at him. I bit my bottom lip, my eyes clouded with lust. Hell I couldn't help myself. I am a lustful being....

He smirked down at me. "Giving me bedroom eyes already are we?" He said amused. "I can't help but want a little foreplay now and then." I cooed up to him. "And besides, a mini celebration is in order don't you think my love?" He chuckled deeply then responded. "I'm sorry dear but I must go make preparations for lunch. I'll make it up to you later alright?" He said while we arrived at the door of my now permanent room. I let out a soft whine. "Fiiiiiine but you're mine later okay?" I tip toed a little and pulled on the lapel of his jacket, allowing his lips to collide with mine. He wrapped his arm around my waist while I held on to his lapel. The kiss wasn't heated. It was loving and longing. Our lips fit together like puzzle pieces. The soft collisions and pulling away made me want more. I then stopped myself realizing that we were in the hallway. I pulled away slowly and looked into his raven eyes then whispered against his lips. "I love you." He pulled me flush against him and whispered to me, "I love you too (y/n)." He slowly began to let go, and gave me one last peck on the lips before heading to what I assume was the kitchen.

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