#5. Different Encounters

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For two days Mona didn't speak to her friends, even when they tried to start up a conversation with her, she would look at them with a deadpan look on her face, either that, or she would mug them, and walk out of the room

As frustrating and childish as she was being, Moozlie and Kat kinda understood how she felt, so they didn't try to push her to talk to them

Today, however, Mona didn't want to sit in the house, mopping around, still angry at her friends. She had decided that she was gonna go out, and explore the beautiful city of Cape Town

So she woke up around the same time that the sun was coming up, started her day off​ with some light yoga exercises, then brushed her teeth, and toke care of her hygiene

She put on a pair of denim shorts, and a long sleeve dress shirt. She decided that her black and white high top Converse's would suffice for a walk in the "Mother City"

After getting dressed, she went downstairs, took a fruit from the fruit basket, then the set of keys that Kat had dropped in the key basket, and left the house

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After getting dressed, she went downstairs, took a fruit from the fruit basket, then the set of keys that Kat had dropped in the key basket, and left the house. She didn't bother leaving a note to tell the girls that she had left to go explore the city, seeing as she was still angry at them

She had made sure to call an uber, so by the time she was done, the uber was waiting for her by the gateway

Mona hit the fob for the gate's remote control, which opened up the gate, and allowed her to walk out to get into the uber

She had decided that the first place she was gonna go to was the neighbourhood market place. She told the driver that she didn't know where she was going, so she needed his help to show her the places that weren't exactly tourist spots, but more places where a person who lived in Cape Town would know

He agreed to show her a few places that even people who lived there didn't know of, including where to get the best food, seafood and otherwise


When the girls finally woke up, it had been two hours since Mona had left. They didn't try calling out for her, cause they knew that she was still angry at them, so chances were that she wouldn't answer their calls. It was around twelve when Moozlie finally went up to Mona's room to go see if she would come downstairs so she could get something to eat

She knocked on her door a few times, calling out her name, pleading with her to come out, but not getting a response, which was normal, especially after the two day silent stint. After about five minutes of no response, she opened her bedroom door to find that the bed was made, and it didn't even look like Mona was in the room at all

She called her name out anyway, looking around in the room, the closet, the bathroom, and even the balcony, thinking that maybe she was somewhere in the room. But once she realised that Mona wasn't in her room, she called out to Kat, asking if she had seen Mona, or heard from her at all today. When Kat told her that she hadn't, Moozlie began to panic

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