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Lexi's family chauffer, Ham, took his job seriously, but today when Hades and Lexi met the cordial gentleman at the gorge, he appeared downright stoic as he waited stiffly next to the limo. Lexi had been talking non-stop to Hades about their visit to her home by the sea, so while Hades picked-up on Ham's sober demeanor, Lexi didn't appear to notice anything other than what she expected.

"It's good to see you, Ham," she said, patting his arm in a friendly gesture as she tossed her travel bag across the leather seat.

"Same to you, Miss Lexi." Ham did his job of opening and closing doors, and once Hades and Lexi were comfortable, Lexi resumed her enthusiastic narration.

"I was worried my message might not have arrived in time," she said to Ham as she leaned forward in the seat. "The couriers in Olympus don't take mail delivery as seriously as mortals do, just don't tell Hermes. Sir Henry is actually Hermes, but you probably already knew that."

Lexi offered Ham a smile, and he met it via the rearview mirror, nodding his polite understanding. It hadn't taken Lexi long to figure out that Ham knew about her family's relationship with the gods, although she spent the rest of that day pouting about how she had been the last to know.

As they merged onto the roadway, Ham spoke to them from the front seat. "Miss Lexi, I have unfortunate news to share with you."

Lexi's body stilled next to Hades. Damn. It appeared he had been reading Ham's mood correctly.

"What happened? Is it Mom? Dad? Dion?"

"It's your dad. He was involved in an accident. A distracted driver hit him while he crossed the street during the evening hours last night. He is being treated at Boston Medical. I was instructed to chauffeur you to Halifax Airport where a plane is waiting to take you there."

Tears were already flooding Lexi's eyes when she slumped against her seat, and Hades swiftly scooped her into his arms, kissing her forehead until she stopped sobbing. When the words had coalesced inside his head, he prepared to voice his empathy for her, but she suddenly sat up, glancing at the door like she intended to leap out of it.

"When is the flight? How soon can we get there?" she said, speaking her frantic questions to the back of Ham's head. Ham made no move to meet her gaze.

"Don't worry yourself with the details, Miss Lexi. You will be taking a private aircraft owned by your father's friend, Mark Sherman. His son will be flying you there personally. You will be in Boston in no time."

Hades felt Lexi stiffen again, and she caught him in her watery gaze. "Can we get there faster in the chariot, Hades? We could fly over the ocean so no one would see us."

"The risks are too great, Lexi, and my horses cannot fly as fast as an aircraft. We are better off accepting your friend's gracious offer."

Lexi squeezed her eyes shut, forcing a tear onto her cheek as she sunk heavily into Hades' arms, after which the journey from the gorge to the airport remained mostly silent, punctuated by sobs from Lexi and reassurances from both Hades and Ham. When they arrived, Ham dropped them at the curb with well wishes, and Hades held onto Lexi as they navigated the small terminal. A petite women in a red jacket and a gleaming white smile greeted them at the desk.

"Good morning. Do you have a reservation on a charter flight?" The woman started tapping on her computer before Hades had even spoken.

"We are here to meet a friend who owns a private aircraft," he said. "A gentleman by the name of..."

Hades looked to Lexi to fill in the blanks, and she wiped her bloodshot eyes with the back of her hand before addressing the woman.

"Brent Sherman."

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