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❝walls have ears.
doors have eyes.
trees have voices.
beasts tell lies.
beware the rain.
beware the snow.
beware the man
you think you know.
- songs of sapphique


"Robb Stark," she said in a breathless attire, her chest heaving up and down and her blonde strung hair an unmanageable mess

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"Robb Stark," she said in a breathless attire, her chest heaving up and down and her blonde strung hair an unmanageable mess. Her dress swept underneath her and Robb couldn't help but notice that she was wearing the sapphire blue dress he had made especially for her. It clung to her body in velvet strings of ribbon and elegance; as if she was made to be wearing it.

He sat at the table with his food pushed away from him, untouched and cold. His hands were woven together and his cloak of fur covered his shoulders like a burden. Ella approached him with soundless steps and urgency coursing through her veins. He watched her with curiosity, his calm demeanor striking a cord deep within her.

"Elaine Waters," he spoke in the same tone she spoke to him in, more so teasing her. Ella rolled her eyes at him and took the empty seat across from him, her smoldering gaze never leaving his cool stare.

"I think by now we are far from formalities, Lord Stark." She said.

Robb smirked, bringing his lips up to the rim of his cup of ale, not before saying, "speak for yourself, Ella."

Ella glared at him. She couldn't believe that he was to be the heir of Winterfell; no, he was the Warden of the North. And it was all because some people craved power so much that their blood became black with the very taste of it. It led only to power, insanity, and death.

"I speak only of what I see before me," she spat at him, feeling the wind of the outside bang against the shutters and windows of the tavern, seeping any warmth she once had away from her.

Robb adjusted in his seat and leaned his elbows on the thick wooden table until her scent of lemon and chamomile filled his senses. She smelled like a warm summer day, a rainy afternoon awaiting the calm. Ella's breath caught in her throat as if someone was choking the life out of her, feeling the warmth of Robb's breath fan over her cheeks. "And what do you see, darling?"

Ella swallowed thickly, questioning her sanity while unwrapping Robb's hand from his cup of ale and bringing it to her lips, gulping down what was at the bottom. She looked him straight in the eye and murmured, "I see someone dressed as a King, but know that beneath those layers of clothes, is the raw, beating heart of a man who's too afraid to admit that he's lost a battle."

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