Chapter 9

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After we unloaded the groceries Olly and Bryan started grilling hamburgers since we all agreed that those would be quicker for tonight, and we are all just exhausted. Lace and I ran upstairs and set up our room. One bedroom had a nautical theme, and the other was all decked out in pineapple decor, so we took the pineapple one and took turns showering in the matching pineapple bathroom. Once I got out of the shower I threw on a pair of shorts I bought along with a tee that said " Summer Haven" across the back. I considered putting on some makeup that we got for Lace and I to share, but after looking at the clock and realizing it was actually 6pm it seemed pointless.

"Mel!" Lace called to me.

"What?" I yelled out as I was getting ready to head down the stairs.

"Come here."

"Ok" I replied as I walked back into our bedroom, To find Lace in the bathroom doing her makeup. "What's up?"

"Wait you didn't do your makeup?" Lace looked at me.

"Nah seems awful late too." I replied.

Lace gave me a funny look, "You do realize the love of you're life is downstairs?"

I blushed and giggled, "Yes Lace, but if we are all going to be living together this week like 24/7 I think he is bound to see me makeup free. Plus I mean he better like me makeup or no makeup." I said.

"True! Never thought of it that way. Oh well! So mentioning of the guys... You never really gave details about that Starbucks meeting, or what exactly you said to Bryan. Like am I crazy for making a move on him, is he still hung up on you?" Lace asked as she finished her makeup.

I smiled as I thought back to that Starbucks meeting. That very well may of been the best Starbucks visit. Not often do you leave with more than just fabulous coffee , but I couldn't tell Lace that. "Starbucks was good, I ended up calling Bryan and telling him that I have feelings for someone else blah blah and he was civil about it and things seem ok."

"Does he know who those feelings are for?" Lace raised her eyebrows.

"No," I shook my head, "Definitely not!"

"Then why did he pair you with Olly on the boat?" Lace questioned.

I thought about it for a minute not really sure what to say. "Well I don't know. Maybe it was just easier. Ya know like if you had to be paired with a crush yet you knew that crush didn't feel the same way that wouldn't be easy. So maybe that was it? I don't honestly know though. I never really thought about it."

"Well duh you wouldn't because you were with Olly I just thought maybe you told him who."

"No" I shook my head back and fourth. "Definitely not, he and Olly are friends."

"True! Plus you don't even know how Olly feels."

I just sat there wanting to tell her that he does have feelings yet also not wanting to mess things up for everyone, and thankfully I was saved by Olly who yelled dinner was ready.

"Well guess it's time to eat!" I said as I stood up and quickly rushed out of the room. I could sense Lace giving me an odd look but oh well. At this point there are two things I want. Dinner and my boyfriend.

* * *

"Well dinner was great guys" I said to Bryan and Olly I started to clear the table we were sitting at on the patio. "I'll do clean up, why don't ya'll go watch the sunset." I suggested. Even though we are in the Atlantic we get beautiful colors and the sunsets are always great.

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