➳Chapter 20➳

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"You're so fucking beautiful. I would never have believed if someone said I'd be kissing Bella Smith in a few months time a few months ago."

Heat rushed to my cheeks and I smiled up to the sky, look at the stars dotted everywhere, "who would've known?"

"Probably all our friends." He chuckled. "I was told we were a match made in hell." I felt Dylan's hand intertwine with mine as I grinned.

"Indeed we are." I said softly looking up at he starry sky with Dylan.

Indeed we are. I repeated in my head a few times before pointing out constellations to Dylan.

Bella's POV

I blinked my eyes open. Sky diving. The first thought to enter my mind and the thought to wake me up from my slumber or was it the extra warmth from Dylan?

Extra warmth?? Dylan??? Wait... Why am I surprised? I've woken up next to Dylan for a few mornings now.

I'm so hot right now. I groaned under my breath trying to kick of the blankets. "Stop being so annoying!" Dylan growled pinning my legs down with his.

I huffed, "I'm hot Dylan!"

"I can't go back to sleep now!" Dylan let go of me and I threw the comforter off us.

"Relief!" I yelled and then felt Dylan's hand on my mouth mufflig my speaking. I slapped his chest and he removed his hand, chuckling.

There was a silence and it was just us staring at the ceiling with our thoughts consuming us and bodies tangled together.

"Do we have Nutella?" I whispered.

Dylan burst out laughing, "I think we do."

"Good." I whispered with a sigh. I hauled myself out of the comfortable bed and looked at Dylan before I walked out of the room, "We're going sky diving today." I grinned, watching Dylan go slightly pale.

"Do we-" I cut him off.

"Of course we do! You promised me!" I pouted and he sighed and I walked towards my room leaving him.

I went to the restroom taking a shower and doing my usual routine in there. I came out and changed into a black top that had many rips in it but it put an edgy look to it and I also wore some ripped skinny jeans and folded the bottom of my jeans up a little. When your legs are low-key short and you have the problem were some jeans don't fit properly. I pulled on my ankle socks and then white superstars.

I walked out but stopped by the mirror and squinted at my reflection and parted my hair properly. God damnit! Partings am I right?

I heard a deep chuckle making me look outside to see Dylan leaning against the door. I looked back at my reflection checking myself over again. "There are Nutella sandwiches." He grinned.

I looked away from the mirror and dashed out of the door, pushing Dylan out of the way. I jumped on to the sofa and picked up a plate. I grinned, licking my lips.

"God, I bet everyone wishes you'd look at them the way you look at Nutella." Dylan's voice was heard next to me.

My cheeks heated up, "shut up." I murmured picking up the sandwich and Dylan laughed loudly.

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