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I walked along the corridor of North Cilia HIghschool with confidence. Every single guy turned their heads to stare at me.

"Nicole! OMG! There's this guy I met at Sky's party and he. is. sah. HAWT!" my best friend, Liv babbled on with her gossip as usual. Liv was a blonde like me and had blue eyes like me. Anyone who didn't know us properly probably thought we were sisters. I mean, we are practically sisters. Her house is my second home and her family is like my second family. We are that close. We both have pretty much the same build and everything, except I was slightly a bit taller than her. Her beautiful blonde hair was in two sloppy braids today. And she looked amazing.

However, I wasn't that interested in her gossip because what I saw behind her made me drop my jaw. He was the most GAWJUSS guy living on the planet EARTH. Possibly the whole universe. Even though I went out with millions of guys before, I have never been this attracted to anyone at first sight before. I actually couldn't believe that this hot thing was in front of me.

"Nicole! Are you listening to me or what!"

I snapped out of my gaze but Liv was too quick for me. She followed my gaze towards the hot thing and soon enough, she was checking him out.

I started staring at him once again and this time, he stared right back at me. He. had. freakin. amazing. eyes. It was the most hazelnest (if that's even a word) eyes I have ever seen and to top it off, he had drop dead gorgeous blond hair. But strangely, something about him seemed familiar. Too familiar. I'm pretty sure that I would've remembered seeing a guy this beautiful though. I finally stopped staring at him as I didn't want the poor guy to feel uncomfortable.

"Liv, let's go" I grabbed her arm and we turned back to walk towards our first class.

Unexpectedly, someone grabbed my arm and my black stilettos made a loud noise as I was forced to abrubtly stop. 

"Hey, I'm Samuel McKay and you are..." a deep sexy voice came from behind me and I couldn't help but turn around to face him. It was obviously the new guy.

"I'm Nicole Cass and I'm like the top shit here so marry me?" was what I was thinking in my head as I stared deeply into his hazel eyes. Shit. He probably thought I was eye raping him. 

"I'm Nicole Cass. I'm guessing you are new around here?" I replied. I think I unintentionally whispered since my legs were freakin shaking. I gave him a small smile that never failed to impress and turned back to continue my way. I realised that he still had a hold on my arm and my cheeks ( damn you cheeks!) suddenly went fiery red. He probably realised that I was blushing like mad because of his hold and he awkwardly let go of my arm. 

And that was my first encounter with Samuel McKay.

I had sport first so I hurried to the changeroom with Liv. We were already late so I stripped off my clothes and put my sports stuff on in seconds. I quickly reapplied my make up and went out with Liv. 

And on my way out, I heard these girls talking about Samuel in the cubicles. 

"OMG! Have you seen the new guy! He's so gorgeous!!! I would die to talk to him!"