Blood Sucker. (Vampire Love Story)

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Song - Cellar Door by Escape The fate

(There are going to be a lot of Escape the Fate songs since they are my favorite band xD Plus their songs go well for... dramatic moments I guess. I am not linking any of the songs to youtube because youtube screws up my computer :/ You're probably going to have to go to youtube, type in the song and listen to it as you read... I have iTunes so I can just listen and write xD For those of you who like Escape The Fate and have an iPod, you can do the same :D For those of you who don't, youtube is the answer! Oh, also, if your computer has speakers you can just download the songs off the Internet, at like, or and listen to them. (like when the song is done downloading just click 'open'))


I sighed, still sweeping the black and white checkered tile of the mansion I work in. You see, I am a slave, to vampires. I am a human. Well, not really human, just a vampire without fangs. I live in a world, like earth, but vampires are the main species. The planet I live on is called Corsmos. A human here is just a vampire born without fangs, the fangs give vampires their power, eternal life, pale skin, eyes, blood lust, and all the vampire basics.

Let me tell you something though, vampires do not sparkle, they are not loving creatures. They barley have a heart. In fact, vampires can only fall in love once, and that has to be with the person they were born to love. It is very rare for a vampire to find their 'soul mate' as Earth humans call them. Some vampire's soul mate was a human, but usually even after the vampire knows their soul mate is a human, they will either kill the human because they did not want people to know they love a human, and the most common option would be to turn the human into a vampire, so they can be together. A lot of vampires find it disgusting to love a human though.

Corsmos is a BIG planet. About five times the size of Earth. So you can only imagine it is very hard for a vampire to find their soul mate, they could be on the other side of the world. Even if they find their soul mate, they have to develop a kind of friendship to know they are soul mates. Another way to find out is to take a drop of each persons blood, and mix them together, their blood will turn into a bright blue, meaning they are soul mates. Vampires don't do this often, because, how would they know they have the right person? And right now you may be asking how I know all this. I was taught in slave school.

Slaves are another story. We are born in hospitals. If we do not have fangs, we are known as humans. Vampires are born with their fangs just poking out of their gums, humans, not so much. So, once the doctor knows we are human, we are taken to a slave school. We are raised as slaves. Only taught manners, cleaning, and other main subjects, math, science, etc, incase our master asks us a question that has to do with such.

Slaves have no rights. We do not own ANYTHING. Our master names us, takes our virginity, everything we wear and use is given to us by our master. I had two masters... both sick and perverted. One man and one woman, they claim they are in 'love'. No, they just both enjoy me suffering. It is basically the only thing they have in common, and I wish it wasn't. Cathy was the woman, John was the man. Those names made me sick. I would never show them my pain though. I always let them hurt me with a smile. Unlike most slaves, there was always one command I would not follow - "Show your pain slave! Scream! Cry!" I would never listen, I was stronger than that. I mean, sure, I always got more beatings and punishments because of that, but I would never show them my pain. Never. Lila Vondrez would never show pain.

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