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The moon cast long shadows as Hermione looked out over Hogwarts' grounds

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The moon cast long shadows as Hermione looked out over Hogwarts' grounds. She could pin-point places- even from her height- places where friends had been injured, died.

She was awake, again, into the early morning hours, despite stinging eyes and a burning need to sleep so that she could perform well in her classes, it simply was not happening. She heard movement behind her but did not turn.

"Are you certain you're okay Hermione? I know you've had a rough go of it, Ron and I are worried." Harry leaned against the wall beside her window ledge, she gave him a look from the corner of her eye and took a little breath.

"I'm fine Harry, I promise, you should go find Ginny, I'm sure she's still having a tough time of it." She was referring to the death of Fred, Ginny had been struggling since their return to Hogwarts a week earlier to reconcile the memory of her brother's death in the very place.

The relationship between Harry and Ginny had cooled dramatically as well upon their return. The redhead being quite upset. They had decided to take a break and Hermione, perceptive as always, noticed Harry and Malfoy had begun to spend quite a lot of time together.

She pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind and gave him a half-hearted little smile, he gave her a side-hug and turned to leave, not another word.

It didn't need to be said that she could come to him if she needed anything. It had always been their dynamic, it always would be, but there were things she needed to sort on her own.

When the first rays of sunlight began to stream through the window and a cool breeze caught her hair and stirred it around her she finally relinquished her place and slipped down the stairs from the tower. It was a Saturday- mercifully- and so she wouldn't have to worry about attending classes.

The heavy wooden door shut delicately behind her, she drifted- only half paying attention- through the halls and was startled when she crashed into a person, broad and solid.

Her lack of connection with the ground could be accounted for by the fact that the person she'd crashed into had grabbed for her- rather forcefully- and kept her up right. She winced a bit when she found a smooth row of buttons down a lean abdomen right in front of her.

A familiar black frock coat that lead to a familiar cravat, and a familiar face. She stared up at him momentarily stunned, the early morning light played little shadows across his face that gave him an almost eerie appearance. Black hair shifted about his face as he fixed her in an onyx gaze, his proximity gave her a thorough burst of his scent.

Old parchment, herbs, and something so thoroughly him. She fought the urge to take in deep breaths of the smell, so entrancing.

She blinked a few times and thought to step back but his hands still held her, eyes narrowed on her face.

"Just what, pray tell, are you doing out and about at this hour, Miss Granger?" His voice was a low drawl, velvet that played across her skin and made tingles race up and down her arms. She shimmied in place for a second, trying to get a grip on herself.

She really needed to get more sleep.

"I was just headed to the showers Professor." She snapped up the first excuse her head could produce and she almost wrinkled her nose at the excuse. Of course she was a Prefect for Gryffindor house and so had the pleasure of using the Prefect's bathroom, separate from that of the other students. She could have sighed at herself when he took in her empty hands and finally released her shoulders to step back and away.

She felt cold with his touch gone and stuffed down a groan.

No sense in going pathetic school girl now. She'd made it through her entire education without showing even the slightest sign she'd been attracted to him and she wasn't going to muck it up now that she only had one more year to survive.

Soon she would leave the school, and consequently the man, behind and the crush would fade.

Or at least she hoped it would.

She was shaken from her thoughts by his voice, though she hadn't quite caught what he'd said and he sneered at her when she gave him a questioning look.

"I do not take pleasure in repeating myself, Miss Granger. You would do well to pay attention. I asked if you were planning to wear dirty clothes after bathing or if you had magically learned to make invisible clothing." His black eyes shot pointedly to her empty hands. Like a hawk the man was, beak-like nose and all.

"I'd planned to roam about in the nude if you must know sir." She slapped a hand to her mouth as soon as the comment left her and blushed a vibrant red. Snape stared at her with shocked eyes- despite his placid face- an eyebrow arched nearly into his hairline.

"Pardon, Granger?" His voice was low, almost husky. She didn't have time to wonder at it as she turned on her heel and scurried away as quickly as possible. Eyes down and face bright red.

Oh you stupid, stupid girl! She scolded herself when she finally found the sanctuary of the Gryffindor common room. She was happy to see that no one had managed to pry themselves from their beds yet and so she was able to slip up to her Prefect dorm unimpeded, and unquestioned.

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