Chapter 1

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"Wake up now!"  My eyes flew open a growl already nearly out of mouth before I noticed my sister rolling up onto her feet smirking. "Ramona!" I exclaimed falling back down onto bed.

"What? Tomorrow is my first day at year long school an-" "you know nobody at all yada yada five minutes" I said sitting up. "No cloak!" Ramona shouted before tearing out of the cottage I groaned again.

I was supposed to be the youngest, the runt of the family and all that but now it's my older sister who's acting like the newborn cub. I stood in front of closet before deciding on wearing the wonderlandian gown that I wore to save the Wonderland grove.

I followed Ramona's overexcited scent out the cottage we lived in between each school year with dad's pack living near by in the forest I decided to pull an all out cub race.

Sending out the howl to let everywolf know I shot of morphing into a wolf and tearing into the forest thinking today is going to be just hexelent.

For a short chapter truth is I am being driven mad by maddie and *winces before whispering* Deadpool they're the ones who pushed me to get some chapter out


*Maddie and Deadpool start throwing a party only chimichangas and tea to snack on*

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