Chapter 2

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"Hey, do you want to head home? My skin is getting wrinkles from being in the water to long" Luca ask making a disgusting face as he looks at his fingers. Dimitri nodded his head "sure, race you! " he said going underwater swimming as fast as he could to the shore. As always Dimitri won and he like to rub it in Lucas face at times " whatever man" Luca said sticking his tongue out at Dimitri which only caused the boys to laugh. They were getting dress when they heard a scream making both boys turn to see Rose falling "ROSE!! " the boys yelled, Dimitri quickly turn to Luca " Go get our parents!" he yelled and dive into the water. "Help!" he heard Rose scream which only made him swim faster. He saw her slowly sinking. Her pretty green eyes were shut close and that's what scared Dimitri. He grab her hand and pulled her up to the surface. When they finally made it out of the water. Dimitri settled Rose on the ground " Rose, wake up!" he says shaking her then in that moment he remembered what he and Luca learn in training with their dads.

CPR, he quickly did the the steps, he breathed into Rose and pressed on her chest "Come on Rose come back to me" Dimitri whispered and with that Rose cough up the water that filled her lungs. It hurt, it felt like her lungs were on fire. Dimitri let out a big sigh of relief he felt like crying of joy but he held his tears at bay. "Dimitri I'm sleepy" she said with a raspy voice. Rose tried to sit up but everything hurt and made her wince. " whoa, don't move. Our parents are on the way. Just keep those pretty green eyes on me, okay? " he asked grabbing her hand. Rose nodded all of the sudden a small sob left her small pink lips "I'm sorry" she said in a low voice. Dimitri looked at her in bewilderment " Why are you apologizing for Rose? If anything I should be apologizing to you i should've of watch you more carefully" Dimitri didn't like the fact that this happen under his watch. Rose shook her head " I broke my promise to behave" tears filled the little girl's eyes. Dimitri didn't care for the promise, " Rose, the promise doesn't matter, this was not your fault princess" he said while bringing Rose closer to him and engulfing her in a hug.

*Luca Arriving To The Mansion*

When Luca finally made it to the backyard of the mansion he spotted his parents and Dimitri's parents sitting enjoying their time together. "Mom! Dad!" he shouted, everyone stood up looking at the boy. "Luca, what's wrong?" His father ask "It's Rose, she fell from the cliff into the water Dimitri went to get her" Luca said in a rush. It didn't even take a second for his parents to start running to the waterfall while Dimitri's parents and Luca right behind them.

When they got there they spotted Dimitri and Rose on the grass, "Mi niña!" (my girl or child) Lucia yelled. When she reached Rose she took her into her arms and away from Dimitri which he didn't like. Lucia started crying, the thought of her little girl in danger was too much for her. Lucia scanned her body for any other injuries " ¿Estas Bien? ¿Te duele algo?" (are you okay? Does anything hurt?) she ask. Rose simply shook her head in response "Mommy I was scared... I thought... yo pense que me iva a morir" ( i thought i was going to die) rose started sobbing. Hearing those words made Dimitri freeze, he didn't like that thought. Carrie was hugging her little boy, she was thankful him and Rose were safe. Matthew had a hand on Dimitri's shoulder, while Nicholas went to hug his wife and daughter. Nicholas has never been this scared for awhile, the idea of losing su princesa scares him. Then he looks at Luca and Dimitri, he was proud of both boys for each having a role for saving Rosa. " Luca, thank you for running and telling us.. Dimitri you have my gratitude if it wasn't for you I don't know what would have happened to Rose...gracias" (Thank you) with those words said Nicholas got up and hugged both boys.

***Few Hours Later***

It was bedtime and everyone was ready to sleep after the exhausting day. When everyone finally arrived home Nicholas immediately called the mafias personal doctor Jason to examine Rose. Fortunately Rose had no injuries except a sprain hand. Rose immediately fell asleep, Lucia didn't want to leave her daughter alone but Nicholas told her to get some rest. After a few protest he finally convinced her, Nicholas watch his little angel sleep she was a spitting image of her mother. Her long black hair with her smooth light tanned skin no doubt she was a beauty. He didn't want his baby to be helpless so that's why he made the decision of having her be train with the boys. He knows that Lucia won't be happy about her princess learning how to fight and hold weapons but it's for the best. After a while he kissed Rose's head and left her to dream.

                     ***Authors Note***
I know they are short chapters but I will try to make them long. Anyway hope you like this one guys.

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