Chapter Thirteen

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They took three different routes from their underground home to the city surface. It was a strange sight seeing very short men, covered in black, running on short legs. Stranger still, seeing a beautiful young girl, dressed as a very short man, running along with them. Each team went to their respective positions and kept to the plan.

Snow stopped with Pat and his group on the edge of the square that sat at the centre of the city. As they stood in the shadows with The Tower ahead of them, they waited. It didn't take long for Tom and Hic to set up the diversion. A fire rocket shot high into the night sky, screaming above the city before blasting into thousands of sparkling lights, letting go of its blaring thunder a second later, only to have another rocket scream into the night in its wake.

If they weren't there to serve a purpose, Snow would have stopped to watch the wondrous sight. Other fireworks let loose their display of light and sound, drawing out more and more on-lookers from surrounding buildings. Finally Raena's guards left the building in search of the offending trouble makers – who were long gone - giving Low, Nik and Snow the opportunity to enter The Tower unnoticed, while Pat and his group moved around back.

They moved through the lower corridors of the glass building with ease. It wasn't until they entered the service stairs that they came across maids and servants watching out the windows the fireworks on display.

They moved upstairs towards Raena's drawing room and found one guard in position outside it. Pat and his team were up next. They set off more fireworks at the back entrance to The Tower and right on cue the guard moved away from Raena's study to investigate the new distraction. Nik and Low went into the room first followed by Snow, only to find it mostly bare. They quickly searched the drawers looking for anything they could use against Raena.

Coming up empty, they set off for Raena's bedroom suite next door, finding that empty of any book of any kind, as well. After a quick discussion, they decided to check the lower halls at the base of The Tower as a last ditch effort to find Hunter. They only made it to the second floor before Raena herself stepped down the right hand staircase onto the landing, Hunter following close behind her.

Raena was smiling, looking smug, ready to pounce on her young prey. She stood completely still, waiting. Snow made ready to grab Hunter only to realise he wasn't tied up, nor did he look hurt at all. But the look on Hunter's face stunned Snow the most. He was angry, she realised. He was angry at her.

'Quickly, Miss. Back this way.'

Low grabbed her arm and they all ran back through glass columns and across the atrium walk way. More guards stepped in their way cutting off their escape. Changing direction again they found themselves in the middle of the glass walk way over-looking the atrium garden below, and the front entrance beyond that. So close, but not close enough. Snow struggled against the despair that gripped her heart.

Nik and Low grabbed for her arm but she shook them off.

'No, you guys stick to the plan,' she said and lifted Low over the railing, dropping him into the pond below. A guard took hold of Nik, Snow bopped him on the nose then helped a free Nik over the balustrade as well. A guard smacked her in the side of the head as Nik splash landed in the pond. Low and Nik escaped the building while she was sprawled out on her tummy on the floor, with three guards holding her down.

'Tsk, tsk, tsk. Snowwhite, Snowwhite, what am I going to do with you.' Raena had her runaway step-daughter at last.

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