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I wake up and get out of bed.I go and get a shower,i get out getting dressed as quickly as i can because its freezing.

I walk down the stair to the common room hoping someone will be there buts empty.

"Ughh"i groan now i have to go and find someone because i will just get bored.

I walk down the corridor before i am grabbed from behind covering my mouth being dragged around a dark corner.

"ammhhh"I said trying to scream but it came out muffled because of the hand over my mouth,The person spun me around to face them pushing me into the wall behind.I look up to find a skinny man with yellow teeth and black hair

it was ................

Sirius Black.

"What is the password to Gryffindor common room"Sirius said forcefully but his voice croaking.

He had his hand around my neck strangling me and it was getting hard to breathe.

"I dont know" i said stuggling to breathe "Dont lie your in Gryffindor now tell me"His grip getting tighter

"I open my mouth to say something but i cant get anything out and i am starting to loose counsiousness.

"Go on tell me"he say but i collapse not being able to breathe and the last thing i hear before hitting the ground is Sirius,"what have i did,wake up please"

Then everything goes black and i cant hear anything.

Sirius POV

I get into hogwarts useing my annamigius form and hiding in corners,everyone was at dinner but i still needed to be careful.

I made it near the Gryffindor common room door but the cat still hasnt got me the list of passwords.A cat named Crookshakes has been helping me get to Petigrew.I suppose i will have to wait here for the cat,so i hide in a dark corner.

Then a girl comes walking out of the common room with black curly hair and quite tall,i am guessing she must be in 3rd year but i dont really know.

Maybe i can get answers out of her but it will be risky but i suppose i will have to take the risk instead of waiting in the dark corner for a cat.

As the girl walks past i grab her and hold my hand over her mouth,i feel bad for doing this because once she sees me she will freak.

I spin her around and push her against the wall.

"Whats the password to the Griffindor common room"I say forcefully,shes shaking and looking at me scared

" I dont know"she said squirming about"Dont lie your in Gryiffindor"i say getting annoyed because she obvissaly knew the password

She opens her mouth to say something but nothing comes out",it must be her nerves I ink

"Go on tell me"I said but she falls down to the ground and with the shock I jump back in shock letting her fall down to the fall.

"What have i done"i said i didnt even realise i was stangling her or that she couldnt breathe

"Come on wake up please"The girl doesnt reply

The cat comes around the corner with the list of passwords in its mounth.

I lean over and take the list"I am sorry"I said to the girl leaving her behind to go to the door of the common room.

I walk up to the common room door/portrait

The lady in the portrait stares at me and starts to scream oh great i think

"Its sirius Black someone come quick,catch him anyone "she screams

"Be quite "I shout

I get the list out and say the  passwords but she still doesnt open .

"No your sirius black, i wont let you in"I went to claw her but she jumps out of the portrait  to another one.

I hear voices in the distance so i turn into my anamigius leaving the ripped portrait and the uncounsious girl behind

I hope the girl will be ok

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