Chapter- Twenty Six

The party was today. And I found myself getting nervous because of it.

This was not a normal party. This was a party hosted by a Mafia. I was definitely not expecting less.

Scenes of gun, dead bodies and people screaming were running through my head.

I tired to clam myself down. I told myself that it was a simple party. There maybe be guns but there definitely would not be any dead bodies.

They can act civil.

I snorted at that thought.

I sighed and ignored my paranoid thoughts and decided to take a shower.

The moment I felt the water running through my body, I calmed down but what was the worse that could happen?

I had already survived staying here. How much worse could a party be?


"Come on," Maria groaned in annoyance.

I shook my head. "No. Maria I'm not going to wear the contact lenses." I muttered, folding my hands.

"Fine. But you are going to deal with Vitale for this later." She said.

I grinned, "Deal."

She rolled her eyes playfully, "I bet you are going to love his punishment."

I blushed. My cheeks heated up and I glared at her, "Perv!"

Maria gave me a offended look, "Hey! I just told, you are the only one thinking in a negative way."

I pouted and didn't say anything to her in return. She was correct anyways. She never told anything that would lead her to be a pervert.

"Let just get dressed, okay?" Maria offered. I nodded my head. The party was about to start and we both were still in our homeless like outfit.

Our hair was a mess. We both still were wearing our PJs.

After an hour of deciding to what to wear, Maria decided that I should wear a black strapless dress and I agreed because I was definitely not in the mood of arguing.

And the dress looked decent enough.

"Am I looking too sexy?" Maria asked, turning around and giving me cocky grin.

"Nah.. You look bad." I retorted playfully.

I was lying anyways. She looked beautiful. Her dress came below her knees and it hugged her curves perfectly. The dress was backless and it just made her look sexier.

And obviously red was her colour.

"You didn't just say that!" She gasped playfully and then rolled her eyes, "Come here Chanel, your hair needs to be tamed." She told making me blush.

I knew my hair looked bad. I didn't even try to comb my hair. All day I was just thinking about Vitale.

The events from last night kept repeating inside my head and unintentionally I find myself smiling.

Vitale had changed.

No, not like fully personality change. But I could sense something. It felt like he had gone soft.
I did stay with him last night but nothing happened. We both lied down on the bed, his hand rested on my stomach and his other hand played with my hair.

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