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Eleven waits outside of Mikes last class for him.

He must be talking to the teacher about something.

The door opens abruptly and Mike, Dustin, and someone else she doesn't recognize stumble out of the room in a fit of laughter. She has big electric green eyes, and pin straight chocolate hair. She giggles next to Mike, and places a hand on his shoulder. Eleven twitches in annoyance for only a second. She remembers she has to keep her composure.

"Hey Mike!" She says this overly perky. He smiles wide at her.

"Oh, hey El! I want you to meet someone." He gestures to the girl, and she smiles shyly at Eleven.

"This is Anita, Dr. Corinne's daughter." Eleven waves at her with an extremely overly sarcastic smile. Mike turns to Anita and points to El.

"And Anita, this is El, my girlfriend." Eleven thought Anita was far prettier than her. Her cheekbones were carved perfectly, and her face shined like porcelain. Her lips plump and pink, constantly in a cheeky smile. The one thing she noticed about her was her chest. Elevens wasn't nearly the size of Anita's. She wondered if that was normal; and what Mike preferred better.

"We should all go grab a slice of pizza down the street." Anita announces, but basically said it to Dustin. Mike pitched in.

"Im down for that. What about you El?" They all turned to her and anticipated an answer. She shoved her hands in her coat pockets and played with the left over gum wrappers in her fingers. She shrugged and looked to Mike.

"Sure, I'm down." She basically tried to copy Mikes response. She's trying her hardest to be a normal person, so she she decided that she 'is down' for pizza.


Anita takes a seat next to Dustin in the booth. This eases Eleven a bit, because she feels like she won't have to fight as hard for Mikes attention anymore. She leans her head on Mikes shoulder, resting her eyes. Her brain is oozing with knowledge from the day. She's already learned so much and the second marking period isn't even over yet. Nancy was the first to discover Elevens photographic memory. She retains information for extended periods of time, barley forgetting anything she's seen, heard, or felt. She's startled out of her thoughts when the waiter approaches them.

"Can I start you off with something to drink?"


As they make their way back to the Wheelers, Eleven holds Mikes hand, and her other hand rests in her pocket. She watches her feet kick a rock while they walk. The others talk about gossip and how awful the teachers are. Eleven feels as if she shouldn't contribute to the conversation; feeling out of place. Mike squeezes her hand suddenly.

"You ok?" He asks in a soft concerning tone.

"Yea, I'm good!" She nods her head, assuring Mike that she's simply just listening to the gang talk.

When they actually get to the Wheelers, Anita and Dustin walk off, holding hands. Elevens tilts her head in confusion. She looks to Mike.

"Are they...—"

"They aren't dating. They like each other but they're both awkward."


Before Mike could even put his book bag down, Eleven already had her hands all over him. He wasted no time exploring her body as well. Their kiss was fiery and explosive; completely opposite from soft and innocent. Mike leaned her back on his dresser, knocking over a few things in the process. Eleven grabbed fistfuls of Mikes hair as he bit her bottom lip. He moved his lips to her neck and began to kiss her there. His hand ran up the side of her leg slowly. Her leg developed goose bumps and she shivered in pleasure, almost. He reached the hem of her dress and he made a quick decision to go under it. He rested his hand on her hip, where he felt the waistband of her panties. Mortified, he stopped. He realized what he was doing was wrong and he took a step back. His cheeks — no — his entire face burned with a blush. He scratched his head and looked at his feet.

"I-I Im sorry, El. I don't think we should be doing that stuff." Eleven looked confused.

"But why? I like it," she smiles first, then looks terrified. "Am I supposed to not like it?" Mike puts his hands out to correct her.

"No! I mean — I'm glad you like it. It's good you like it." Mike struggles to find his words, but he mentally high-fives himself at the same time.

"I just think we should wait a really long time. Ok? Just say ok." He grabs her hands and gives her an admiring look.

"Okay," She says with a tiny smile. "But how long?"

"A really really long time." Eleven shifts her gaze from Mike for a moment. She has not a fucking clue what he's talking about, but she knows that he knows what he's talking about; so she agrees with him. He kisses her gently for a few moments.

"We should start our homework, then watch a movie." She smiles to him.

"Im down!"


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