How To Train Your Dragon (Part 2)

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Yeah, another (sort of) HTTYD rant cause I got nothing else to rant about.

Well, that's mostly true. One of the main reasons why I made this rant is partly because I've been reading some fanfics, and there are a few more things I found that make my eye twitch and go, "why do I even read them?"

Like you know those ones where the HTTYD cast watch their movies and react accordingly? (Those have become a guilty pleasure for every fandom that I'm in, sue me. Although can anyone please comment some good ones?)

But first:


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Seriously I ship her and Hiccup as well but there's a limit and most unfortunately cross that line.

Also the formatting and grammar honestly make me cry, some of them are that bad. Like there was this one where the Big 6 (you know, Jack Frost, Hiro, Merida, Rapunzel, ect) are watching their respective movies and the paragraphs are all bunched up like half the time, I can't even make out who's saying what. It's really sad because their reactions (for the most part) are totally in character.

With that said, can anyone be a little creative about the relationship between Hiccup and Stoick? Like either it's the screaming/disowning family members early on or its complete guilt. And sometimes, the relationship between the two end up being so OOC I end up either skipping that reaction to the others, or I delete the book from my library altogether. I wish people did more justice to their relationship because it really is fun to look at the progress of Stoick's trust in Hiccup from the first movie all the way to the second.

Also, you those of you worried about copyright infringement, DON'T PUT THE ENTIRE FUCKING SCRIPT ON WATTPAD. Try just posting excerpts of the script instead. I've seen a lot of "read the books" fanfictions do this and it has worked great for them.

Seriously, not only is that a huge relief on your part, you're not copying and pasting the entire script. Not every scene needs a reaction, and I can see that when half the chapter is just all bold text and barely any character reacting to what's going on. We read these fanfics to see how our favorite characters would react to seeing their life played/read out in front of them...past, present, or future. If its all bold text with barely any reaction from said characters, then there's a 90% chance that the reader will click out because they're just reading the script for a movie that they've already seen.

Oh well. A small rant on more HTTYD fanfics. To be honest, its not that bad, you just really need to dig through to find the good ones. Also, Mystic Messenger has completely fucked up my sleep schedule and I don't regret it one bit. Definitely going to create a rant on that once I finish all of the routes. XD

Hopefully this made you laugh a tiny bit. Sayonara! :D

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