tuliy junior: Part 1

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4 years after the events of the movie:

Junior was starving after a long delivery of babies today.
Then he called in the only person that can make him feel better.

Junior: tuliiip...

He said in a very lazy voice, then on the other side of the call his girlfriend known as tulip responded.

Tulip: junior you sound bad, do you want me to go to your office.
Junior: yesss...
Tulip: ok I'm on my way.

Then there call ended. Later he heard a knock on his office door.

Tulip: Hey... is everything okay

Said A familiar red headed girl who popped out of the door.

Junior: tulip I'm hungry

Said junior

Tulip: *scoffs* then just order a pizza or something, why do you have to call me.
Junior: well I was wondering if we could go out to eat instead, like at your parents house or a restaurant... I don't know.
Tulip: Oh you want to go out to eat... cool, cool, cool.
Junior: of course dummy

Then she playfully punches him.

Junior: ( yelps in pain) care-ful
Tulip: yeesh, I'd thought you'd get used to it
Junior: well I'm sorry.

The two then decided to head off of juniors office and into the hallway.
Junior notices a letter or note sticking out of one of her pockets.

Junior: Hey what's that

Junior pointed at the letter.
Tulip then got the letter out her pocket quickly, as if she's trying to hide something.

Tulip: oh this! nah... it's nothing just another letter sent in. I thought I might take care of it.
Junior: okay... I think we'll take care of it once we get back
Tulip: yea, you know what why don't you start up my vehicle. I'm going to do something first.
Junior: alright.

Junior gave a peck on tulip's cheek.

Tulip: bye...

Once Junior left her sight she took out the letter again.

Tulip: soon enough I'll tell you Junior, maybe tonight will be my chance.  I know how you feel about always leaving a baby to someone else, but what about having one permanently.

To be continued...

😭 I ship a stork and a red hair lady!
But I know I'm not alone😊

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