The blanket war

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You and your boyfriend, Johnny, have just finished a movie marathon. John gently kisses you as you both say goodnight.

You wake up in the middle of the night, absolutely freezing. You look over at Johnny and realise he has wrapped himself up like a cocoon with all the blankets. You tug at the blankets but Johnny has a firm grip on them, even though he is asleep. 

"Babe" you whisper still tugging at the blankets, He didn't budge. "Johnny!" you say a little louder, "Huh?" John says groggily. "Babe, your hogging all the blankets" you laugh. You have to admit he looks very cute with his confused expression and bed hair. "oh sorry, but thats because you didn't give me a kiss earlier" Johnny say stubbornly, you laugh and lean over and kiss his sweaty forehead, "there, now can I have a blanket?" you ask, "hmm..." Johnny thinks "nope", "Humph" you huff and cross your arms and turn your head away from John.

A few seconds pass before you hear Johnny laughing. You turn you head back to face him and see that he is holding the blankets out with his arms. You smile and crawl into his arms. He kisses you cheek and you both fall asleep in seconds.

AWE <3

Sorry it was so short. oh well. More imagines to come! I love writing these. <3 


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