Chapter Six

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Songs for this chapter are:

Wanted - Hunter Hayes

Give Me Everything - Pitbull


Brooke's POV

I was lying on the couch, a notebook and pen in either hand, Delgato's head perched in my lap and Chain lying across my feet.

"Universal Studios...hmmm." I said to myself, scrolling through the phone Justin left me, looking at the different rides.

It only had one number on it- his. I couldn't even call 911 on it. What kind of program is this phone on?

I scribbled down the rides I wanted to go on and which day we would be in Universal. I had basically everything planned out and I think I deserve a break. The clock read 5 o'clock, and from previous dog experience, it was their dinner time.

"Are you guys hungry?" All their heads shot up and they ran towards the kitchen, me slowly following behind.

"If I were Justin, where would I put the dog food?" I whispered, opening up all the cupboards.  I would never be able to get into Justin's mind, nor did I want to.

I finally found it, and poured it into the four bowls, all of them bowing their heads to eat. The phone suddenly started ringing from the couch and I ran to grab it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"How are you holding up darling?"

"I'm good, I just fed the dogs." I explained, clicking the pen.

"Good good, I'll be home in about fifteen minutes. Have you planned everything out yet, kitten?"

"Yep." I said popping the p.

"Great. Don't miss me to much." He said cheekily.

"Not likely." I rolled my eyes.

"Bye, baby girl." And with that I hung up the phone.

I placed the phone back down and spread my body out on the couch, and Killer came running in, jumping on me.

"Oof! Killer you're heavy!" I laughed, patting his sides.  I swear, dogs had the ability to change your entire mood.

Delgato started barking and wagging his tail and he ran over to me licking me face.

I started giggling uncontrollably and I finally pushed Killer off.  Tank suddenly ran towards the door, his claws scratching against the wood and he started whining. He probably had to use the bathroom.

"Tank, I don't know what to do! Justin placed some alarm on the doors."  Tank kept whining and I was afraid he was about to piss on the floors.  I hated seeing the dog look so sad and disoriented, and although I didn't want to talk to Justin, I knew it was only for the dogs. I quickly grabbed the phone and clicked Justin's name.

"Are you okay, baby?" His concerned voice rang through the phone.  He was probably confused as to why I called him, considering I hardly liked to talk to him in real life.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine." I heard his sigh of relief through the phone.

"Then what is it?"

"Tank has to go outside but I don't want to set any alarms off it anything." I explained, chewing on my bottom lip.

"Oh, uhm, let him out in the backyard. There's no alarm there, but the fences are electric."

"Okay well, thanks I guess."

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