Chapter 11

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Mount Justice was having a usual relaxation day. The team was in the kitchen: M'gann and Connor were baking cookies, Artemis and Wally were bickering like an old married couple, Dick was hanging out, trying to be chalant as he possibly could around Zatanna, and Kaldur was observing them all, like the big brother he was. 

Everything was fine until the team heard the tv being turned on the in the living room. They all froze and turned towards the sound. 

"Is there anyone else here?" Artemis whispered. 

"There isn't supposed to be," Dick breathed back. 

Connor growled lowly and was about to storm in there when Kaldur pulled him back. 

"Calm, my friend. We do not know who it is and we must never jump into battle blindly."

Connor relaxed but was still on guard. 

The team slowly crept towards the main part of the cave and looked around the corner. 

There was a figure on the sofa, watching television, but her body was shielded by the furniture. Finding Nemo was playing, the volume turned up extremely high. As soon as the Darla popped up on the screen, the figure leaped up. 

"How dare you! You bratty little piece of Minotaur dung!"

It was a girl, well woman really, wearing a black and turquoise suit, and a long cape, not unlike Batman's. She had a utility belt around her waist and her face adorned a domino mask like Robin's. 

Robin widened his eyes, but before he could do anything, Artemis had an arrow aimed at the woman's back. 

"Turn around, slowly, with your hands in the air," she threatened. 

The woman froze before facing the team, smirking when the saw Robin with his head in his hands. 

"Who are you?" Connor growled. 

"The name's Seabird," she replied cheekily. 

Robin opened his mouth to call off his team but was cut off by Zatanna. 

"We'll give you one last chance to surrender!" 

Seabird just continued grinning and Connor got impatient. He lunged at her, bringing his fists down, but she moved away at the last minute. 

This spurred the rest of the team into action, Artemis firing arrow after arrow, M'gann levitated things to crash into her, Wally speeding around trying to find an opening, Kaldur with his water bearers and Zatanna trying to chant spell after spell, but nothing worked on her. Seabird dodged everything and fought back slightly, trying not to hurt the young heroes. 

Finally, when Zatanna's spell backfired and sent her flying across the room, Seabird stopped to look at her in concern. Connor took the opportunity to shove her into a wall. It didn't really hurt her, but it sure sounded like it did. 

"Guys, enough!" yelled Robin, walking over to her, giving her a hand up. 

"Robin, what're you doing?" Artemis demanded. 

"I was trying to tell you that Seabird's not an enemy," he explained. 

Percy walked over the Zatanna and held out a hand like Dick had done for her. She hesitated for a second before allowing herself to be pulled up by the unknown woman. 

The team came together in the center of the room, and Percy hugged Dick. 

"What's up, kiddo?" she asked, ruffling his hair. 

Robin rolled his eyes and shook out his hair. 

"Kiddo?" Wally echoed.

"Robin, who is this?" Kaldur questioned. 

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