Chapter 1

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Sigh as i got off of my bed as it was adoption day also the day i turn 18 but nobody would care "AHN GET YOUR A** DOWN HERE!" Taeyeon said (idk if i spelled that right but shes from snsd i dont lisen to their songs ) "ok.." i say as expected shes with her boyfriend Baekhyun but he is nicer to me and all his other friends (Exo) "START YOUR CHORES" Taeyeon ordered "o-o-k" i studered "dont be so mean babe" Baekhyun said "ok" Taeyeon said as she acted like a 3 year old i still didnt understand why Baekhyun was dating her. I walked to the kitchen and started cleaning the dishes as turned the water i felt a hand on my sholder i turned around to see Baekhyun "need help" Baekhyun said flashing a smile "yea" i said

After washing the dishes

"AHN GET OVER HERE!" Taeyeon ordered "coming" i say "ill come with you Ahn" Baekhyun says. I walk to Taeyeon to see 7 boys talking to her "shes been adopted 5 time" Taeyeon says more happier "then will take her" one of the boys says walk to Taeyeon and she puts hand on my sholder and i flinch thinking she might hit me. "Get your thing Ahn" Baekhyun says to me while coming out the room they were talking in "ok" i replied as started to walk up to my room.

I walk down the stairs and say bye to Baekhyun and only Baekhyun i walk out the doors preparing to feel pain once we get home.

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