The Lawyer In The Kitchen.

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The Lawyer In The Kitchen.

Yes, that is what I want to talk about- The Lawyer in the kitchen!

The overwhelming love this book has been receiving consistently for over a year now leaves me speechless.

THANK YOU for the tremendous response for Chapter 100! I am still reading and responding to all the loving comments!

What could be a bigger gift for a writer than the fact that there are so many readers who want me to continue writing!

So I have once again a question- a choice for you all to make.

After the current track of this book ends-

a) Five Bonus chapters (Parting gift from me.)


b) Book 2.

A lot of you have been suggesting a second book but as always the choice will be made by you all – my readers!

Guys do remember while deciding that my books follow PG 13 guidelines – which means no mature content- naughty scenes in plenty but not what cannot be read by all age groups.

Also you do know it will be high on humour and mysteries along with romance – comparatively less on family drama (family bonding yes- melodrama NO!)

Above all if at all you all choose the second option – It will be a continuation of the book and not of the show- that is the storyline will pick up where this book ends.

I love this book and the characters- both types– the ones developed by me or entirely created by me. Hope you all like to read about them too e.g Danny, Charles, Dadaji – and many others!

Do comment guys and let me know what you want!

Love, from me to you.:)



The below had been written on 2nd October 2016.

Let's do it together.

Hey my lovely readers. I know right about now many are very disheartened since the show is going off air rather abruptly.

Unfortunately some things are beyond our control. Then again, memories and imaginations are our very own and no one can fiddle with them.

We will keep the show and it's various characters alive right here. ShraMan's love is just about to bloom and with these two around explosions cannot be too far behind.

I will update next chapter today.

A short pre cap of the upcoming chapter:-

Shravan's POV

I stared at the screen stupefied for a few seconds. A rat?? I had been jealous of that long tailed plague delivering ball of flea? Is it possible to feel stupid and happy at the same time?

I laughed out loud, my head thrown back, not caring as my family stared at me. 'Suman Tiwari, you are in so much trouble.' I muttered to myself as relief flooded through me.

Till then guys, Keep smiling.

And remember to add this book to your library, so that you know each time it is updated.:)

Love, from me to you. :)


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