Telling The Phandom

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~Phil's POV~

I couldn't believe it, he was going to be all mine forever. "Dan, I think we should tell our fans now" I said "Yea, we're going to tell them when pinof 8 comes out" he smirked. Oh yea! I forgot we would be filming pinof 8 in a few days! I thought to myself. "Are you ready to become a Mr. Howell?" He teased "Of course I'm ready!" I exclaimed. He chuckled "How's that ring fit?" He said changing the subject "It fits perfectly, love" I answered "Great" he said and a smile stretched across his face. A few days passed and it was time to film pinof 8. "Whisker me up Dan!" I said. Right before the video ended, me and Dan decided to tell our fans "Guys, we just wanted you to know, that Phan is indeed real and we'll be married any day now" Dan said and I held up my hand with the ring on it. "We hope you will support us and if you don't, good riddance." I said. "Bye guys!" I said right before the video ended. "That is going to be my favorite pinof ever" Dan said smiling. "What about when we are actually married and possibly have our own children?" I asked "Never mind, that would definitely beat it." He said "I can't believe this is actually happening, I feel like I'm dreaming right now" I said "Well I hope that it's a sweet dream" Dan teased "It would be better than a sweet dream, love" I said "I hope so" he said. "Now, our big day is soon and I hope you're ready" I said "Why wouldn't I be ready? You're the best thing that's ever happened to me!" Dan said making me blush "Come here you!" I said and kissed him. I was excited to start a future with him. He was my everything.

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