Strange Feelings: A Paranoid Poem

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The following is a Paranoid Poem

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Strange Feelings

Something is watching me

But I can't tell what

I know that someone's there

At the same time, yet, I don't.

I see no eyes

I have no proof,

And yet, I feel their presence.

So far as I'm concerned I've gone insane

Is it just my mind playing tricks on me?

Or is it something more...

As I walk from the bus to home

I feel their presence gathering.

I just want some sort or reassurance,

So as I don't lose my last shred of sanity.

Beware my friends, for they are near

I can feel it coming,

Something that is big

Something beyond our level of comprehension,

I feel no fear towards, yet I am a bit weary

My soul is pounding within my head to awaken something unseen

The thing that happen are meant to be

All death and sorrow is the cost for the greater good

The shallow rocks on which we flail

Will collapse beneath our masses

Within us all, is the very key to destroy us

Deeply withheld with our will as chains,

Protecting ourselves from self-destruction

And so the wind will blow again

When lives so free will be advised

And the world will see the sky.

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