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Please if you want to read the beautiful ( or terrible )life of Sarah, and Kate's life, you need to give me up to 100 votes or I might stop writing this book. Anyway November 9th is my birthday and if I don't get 100votes I will officially delete this book and if I get 100votes I will award you with a new and amazing chapter. So cupcakes start voting now or this will be my last chapter of this book.

See you guys soon and here is a summary of the second chapter if I write it, so if you ignorant readers didn't read the whole thing you have missed the summary.

Alex gets captured

So in this chapter Alex gets captured but he gets captured by the CIA and the ASIS not by MI6😵. But to make Alex and Sarah work for the organisation they need both of them because Alex or Kate will never work for them unless it is to protect each other. The organisation finally give in and decide to work together. The teenage assassins with the teenage spies are send to the SAS to train and become a team but is that it or do the organisation have a different story planned in their mind...

Cupcakes want to find out what's next, I will give you one more part of the story being the humble me👼🏻


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