Chapter Eighteen: Standing Firm

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Gabriela was surprised about how quiet it was the next morning, it took her a few moments to even realise that she couldn't hear rain hitting her window at all; she stared at the clear sky's a little disappointed.

They would now continue on with their trip to burn her necklace but there was a strong chance that Nessie would be coming with them something that made Gabriela a little uncomfortable.

Ever since Jacob's girlfriend had arrived the day before Gabriela had felt out of place, she had spent a lot of time in her room unable to watch Nessie cling onto Jacob all the time.

Gabriela didn't know what it was but there was something about Nessie that set her on edge, it was the same feeling that she got when she thought about the vampire that she had seen.

Climbing out of bed, Gabriela brushed her fingers through her hair attempting to calm the curls and wondered how far they would be able to travel today.

The trip seemed to be dragging on and Gabriela felt a little unsure what she would do when she was finished here; she was dreading leaving La Push since she didn't know when she would be back again.

Daniel was bound to find some sort of reason why they couldn't come and visit the place where she was from; he preferred the big city life that he had grown up in and that was something that La Push wasn't.

Gabriela had hopes that she would one day be able to bring her own children here one day and show them where she had come from; she also prayed that she didn't carry the gene that would make them wolves.

There was no way in hell that they would be able to cover something like that up in California, not when the city was always so busy.


"You can't come with us," Jacob arguing shaking his head, he didn't know what Nessie had expected when she had shown up but he wasn't happy about her being here; he had noticed that Gabriela had been given them some space.

That wasn't what he wanted when he had been working on gaining back her trust, Jacob couldn't believe that Nessie had just shown up like this when he had asked her not to.

"And why not?" Nessie asked surprised that he was refusing to allow her to come with them, she had hoped that being around him would take her mind off what had happened at home.

It had been hard enough being at home with her family but this was even worse, Nessie could feel him slipping away from her just like Alice had told her.

Jacob ran his fingers through his hair, he had tried to find out last night why she had come and he could only imagine what had happened back at home to make her come here.

Things weren't the best from what he had understood but he had never thought that Nessie would just show up out of nowhere when he was focusing on the task at hand.

"Because..." Jacob started knowing that it was time that they were honest with each other, he didn't know what was going on here but he wasn't going to let this go.

Nessie had been out of sorts for a while and he got the feeling that she was deliberately hiding things from him; he had to put a stop to this before he found himself in an endless circle like he had with her mother.

"You're burning some stupid necklace Jacob that is all," Nessie snapped not liking this, she didn't understand why he was pushing her away when he had told her that there was nothing going on between him and Gabriela.

Jacob groaned and sat down, he didn't know why she was doing this but he wasn't going to get distracted from what was really going on here; he was glad that Gabriela was sleeping so that they could talk.

The night before had been strange and Nessie had spent a lot of time just staring at her phone as if she was expecting someone to call; he could only guess who she was waiting for.

"A necklace that connects me and Gabby," Jacob replied shaking his head, he still didn't understand why the ancestors had done such a thing when he was meant to imprint on his soul-mate.

He had thought about that for a while and he guessed that it was because Gabriela had moved across the country with her family and there was nothing that would bring her back to him.

Nessie pursed her lips at those words, it was a reminder that for some reason his ancestors sort to replace her in his life; that for some reason they had decided that Gabriela was a better fit for him and Nahuel for her.

"What is really going on Nessie?" Jacob asked wanting to get to the bottom of this, he didn't want to fight with her and he wanted nothing more to deal with this before he went to finish his trip with Gabriela.

He had a feeling that this was going to be the end for them, Embry had mentioned bits to him and Jacob had hoped that Nessie would tell him herself.

Opening and closing her mouth, Nessie tried to think about how she would reply to that; she knew that this talk had been coming but she didn't think that the other woman would be around for that.

There was something about what she had walked into the night before and Nessie didn't like it; she had felt like she was interrupting something when Jacob was her boyfriend.

"Why is this so hard for us?" Nessie whispered with a shake of her head, she moved away from Jacob and wrapped her arms around herself; she stared out of the window not able to look at him when she felt so lost about all of this.

Jacob raised an eyebrow at her, he had no idea what she was talking about now but he could agree that they hadn't had the best of times; her family had moved away a few years ago while Jacob had remained in La Push with the pack and his family.

Nessie closed her brown eyes, she couldn't block out the things that she had been told or the looks that Nahuel had given her; she knew that it was time for them to be honest with one another.

"Your ancestors say that Gabriela is the one for you and apparently Nahuel is for me," Nessie muttered not daring to look at Jacob, she had no idea how he would react to that but she knew that she couldn't avoid this now.

There was silence between them for a moment and Nessie dreaded turning to face Jacob, she didn't want to hurt him but she knew that they couldn't just ignore this.

"I kissed Nahuel..." Nessie confessed feeling horrible, her mother had tried to comfort her about what had happened and choosing the other hybrid over Jacob but it had only made Nessie feel worse.

She had sworn to herself that she would never do to Jacob what her mother had done, Nessie had wanted to be better than that; she couldn't imagine how Jacob had felt when her mother had broken his heart.

Bella had chosen Edward and Nessie had hoped that she would be able to fix what her mother had broken; only now she seemed destined to follow in her footsteps.

Jacob was completely silent for a moment as he took in what she had said, he couldn't believe that he hadn't seen this coming; Bella had stopped talking to him months back and now he could guess why.

"Jake... say something..." Nessie pleaded wanting to know what he was thinking, she didn't want him to be sad and she would do whatever she could to make this right.

There was no way that she was going to make the same mistake as her mother had.

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