The Zenith's Decision

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Companion. Grind. Geometric. Overt. Above. Emotion. Round. 

The stranger stepped out of the tavern and into the morning light stretching. Above her the words "Western Orb" were painted over a picture of the sun sinking into the harbor. The stranger studied it with interest.

"What do you think of it?" Jenni asked curiously from behind the stranger. 

She turned around to face Jenni. "The artist's ability to capture the scene is well done."

Jenni frowned. "But the artist didn't capture it, they recreated it. You can't capture the sun. Just like you cannot capture the Cetacea." 

"It's merely a saying." The stranger shrugged. "Are you my guide for today?" Jenni nodded then gestured for the stranger to follow her. The two walked in silence towards one of the larger buildings in the town. Overall the town was simple and modest with a few ornate pieces here or there. The tavern was near the pier with many houses spread out around it. Up the gently rolling hill were more and more houses along with a market square in the center where several stalls and a building sat. Beyond that, at the top of the small hill, was a larger building.

Several townspeople called out a greeting to the two of them. Jenni waved and smiled but remained quiet. The stranger, in a cleaner but still shabby pair of clothes, looked curiously at everything around her. The town didn't seem to be any different than any of the other towns she had visited, but like she had seen last night, this one had secret depths with wondrous things hidden beneath it all. "Tell me more about your town. How was it founded? Who started all of this?" 

Jenni glanced back at the stranger. "Maybe later. Right now my job is to bring you to the Zenith." 

The Zenith, which was the large building at the top of the hill, was well designed and ornate. The length of three of the houses in town and at least two deep it was an impressive structure. Jenni opened the door, ushering the stranger in. 

As the door banged shut behind them Jenni and the stranger stopped in their tracks, watching the scene unfold before them. The emotion in the room was palpable as four people argued back and forth in front of three men sitting on a long bench. Each man sitting on the bench was clothed in an ombre of color; one red, one orange, and one yellow. They listened intently as the group argued loudly. 

"...And the geometric structure of the design you submitted would be unstable on the best of days," A man with wire rimmed, polygon shaped glasses argued. 

A larger man with a body shaped like a tomato and a complexion to match crossed his arms angrily. "Well the geometric structure of the design you submitted would fall over if someone sneezed next to it!" 

Before either of them could continue one of the men on the bench cleared his throat loudly, silencing everyone. The man in the middle who wore orange stood up and walked up to the two arguing the loudest. With a snap of his fingers a round object, black and shiny appeared in his hands. The stranger covered her mouth as a gasp escaped, taking an involuntary step forward. The man on the bench in red glanced towards them with narrow eyes. 

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