The Dream Part 1

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Libby's POV...

My name is Elizabeth Walker and I was ten years old when my mother died.

I didn't have any other siblings so it was just me and my daddy for the longest time.

But I always had a dream that one day I would find a man like my daddy who loved mumma and me and we would get married and have lots of babies in the big house we were going to live in.

But it didn't happen that way. Not for me anyway and not for the longest time either.

Daddy did get himself a business partner that helped him with his business. I never really understood what his business was. I was just happy that my daddy loved me and was always bringing me home something.

I have to say that i would get really upset if he didn't bring me anyhting and sometimes I would hear the housekeeper call me a brat at times.

So i asked daddy what a brat was and he just looked at me with one of his stern looks and mutter something about it being me. Anyway, I loved my daddy and he always gave me whatever I wanted.

I was fouteen when I said to him that i wanted David, his business partner and I would do everything I could think of to make sure that I got him.

I spent the next few years making sure i was dressed just right. Like those other ladies were that he always had hanging off his arm. But when I turned up at the dinner parties looking like they did, I was just laughed at. His lady friends even pointed out that i looked like a silly ugly clown with all that make up on.

I have to admit that i was feeling real hurt when both my daddy and David both laughed with everyone else when that lady said that.

As soon as I said that, the lady got all upset and a moment later, David had me by the arm and was dragging me over to the lady telling me to apologise.

" What for? I was only speaking the truth." I yelled at him as I looked at the strumpet as Mrs Smith calls Davids lady's pretending to cry.

"You will apologise right now kid." He growled at me which was making me get rightly angry back at him.

"Why? Is it because she is older and it hides her wrinles more than it hides mine. Or is it because the make up doesn't hide the fact that she's a strumpet?" I was asking feeling really confused.

But what I said caused all sorts of things to happen.

I was screaming the place down when i found myself face down over Davids lap getting my backside spanked in front of everyone. I was even screaming for my daddy.

But a glance across the room through tear filled eyes, I saw that daddy was just standing there with a drink in his hand as he looked at me with what I think was dissappointment.

Then when david was finished, he stood me up and dragged me back to his strumpet to apologise again and I just looked at the lady before turning to look at david.

Then I pulled back my leg and swung it and kicked him.

"Does that hurt David? I hope it does. You will never lay a hand on me again." I said to him as I bent over and spoke to him before I turned to speak to his lady friend.

I was aiming for his shin, but I missed and kicked him between his legs which had him fall to the floor with a groanas he cupped himself. I felt very satisfied with that.

" I'm sorry if you look like a strumpet. I thought maybe if I looked like you, I would get liked more. But I now beleive that I don't want to. You look downright ugly with all that on your face and I think I might look just as ugly too. Goodnight." I said to her in the most elegant sounding voice that I had as i lifted my head and walked out of the room and up the stairs to my room with tears still falling down my face.

Not that anyone could see. They were all behind me looking at my back.

"Elizabeth." Hearing my father's voice, I stopped and waited for him to speak.

" I think it would be best if you stayed away from these business parties in future and stay in your room." I heard my father say from behind me at the base of the stairs.

I didn't say a thing to him as I then continued walking up the stairs and down the long corridor to my room at the far end.

Opening the door and closing it behind me, I walked across to my bed and threw myself down across it allowing the tears to fall over the humiliation I just experienced at the hands of the man I was in love with.

I don't know how long it was before I felt someone rub their hands down my bak, but when they briefly and accidently rubbed against my backside, I felt it sting again as I remembered the brutal spanking that David gave me.

I never called him by his full name. I always called him David. He wasn't that much older than me and he was certainly not anywhere near as old as my daddy either.

"Your father thinks you should stay in your room for a few days, Lovey." I heard Mrs Smith say to me as she pulled my hair gently away from my face to see the smeared makeup on my face.

"Let's get you changed out of this garrishly ugly dress and get your pretty face cleaned up. Then I will have some hot chocolate with some marshmallows brought up to you." She was saying as I tried to sit up without wincing in pain as I tried to sit on my butt.

But it didn't work. His spanking really hurt me and I would imagine that my butt was black and blue by now. He didn't hold back from his hand either.

"Is my bum bruising any?" I asked Mrs Smith as I lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers to the side.

"Oh deary me, yes. A nice shade of blue too it is." Mrs Smith went on to say to me in a soothing manner.

I always did like her. She's always been here, long before my parents got married. I will miss her when she eventually gets too old I was thinking. That's when old people die. They get old and really wrinkly and then go and die.

Not like my mumma. She got killed in an accident by a drunk driver. I hate drink drivers.

If you are going to drink, then don't drive. That's what all the ads say that we see on television and my mumma getting killed was one reason why.

It was after that when David came to work with daddy. I fell in love with him at first sight.

It wasn't a crush. It really wasn't.

And the feeling never went away.

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