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Ava opened a portal for Penny. The werewolf's massive size did not allow her to pass through the door of the office with ease. On top of that, Penny on an elevator was not going to happen. Ava left with Anabella and Philippe, Helick following behind her. Before the three could step into the elevator, she called Philippe aside. The other two left without them.

"What's on your mind?" Philippe asked her.

She adjusted the books in her hand. "Do you still have the chamber? The one you built for Sven?"

"Yes, I do."

"Did you tell the others about it?" Ava glanced towards the door leading to Anabella's office. Vescovi and Marx were still inside. The last thing she wanted was for either to hear their conversation, especially Marx. Ava appreciated him fretting over her and wanted to spare him any more stress. He may think that she is taking greater risks, but an entire race was looking to him for guidance. They all were. He was their lighthouse in the storm.

"The topic never came up," Philippe said. "What is this about?"

"If I can't kill Kunz we'll need a way to contain him."

"Whoa," Philippe said. "It wasn't built for that."

"I know, but it's our only plan b. I can reinforce the chamber, but I need you to get it ready."

"It will need a power source."

"Just get it ready." Ava opened up a portal.

"Ava," Philippe called after her when she turned to leave. "You're taking a lot of risks. Despite the fact of how we got to this point, the chances you are taking—"

"Are not being taken likely. I am not trying to be a martyr. This isn't about sacrificing out of guilt; it's about protecting my friends, my family. I started a war to get those things; I'll finish this one to keep them."

"Be careful."

"You too," she said. She went through the portal. Philippe took the elevator. He was headed down to the comms area below Anax Corp while she headed to NexTeq. That was where the active labs were. Where Philippe's team was busy in his underground facility testing samples for the virus cure and building new weapons. Despite their new toys, however, much more was needed. Ava had a few plans up her sleeve that she did not intend to tell the others until necessary. They were not the kind of ideas that would garner the popular vote. She felt the warm stir in her chest.

"Don't judge me," she said, stepping out of the portal. "You would do whatever it took too." She was speaking to Daniel's soul. As part of her, she could feel impressions from him. Nothing she could put into words, but she knew the sentiments behind each flutter. Ava needed to get to Martha, but she made a slight detour first. They were going to need all the advantage they could create.

In the lobby, Ava found Penny. The werewolf, like others around her, was watching the display of the unnatural storm blotchy out any signs of the sun. Ava glanced around making sure none of the others were close.

"I need you to do something for me," she told Penny. Ava told her of the plan, what she wanted. Penny nodded her agreement, as Ava knew she would. If anyone was going to be on board, it was going to be Penny. It was all a long shot but if it worked, it would give them an edge. Penny left, and Ava used a portal to get to the lab where Martha was.

Inside the lab Ava found Martha muttering to herself. Nico, Martha's mate, and another man were unloading supplies from boxes, Nico marking off each item as they did. Candles and lanterns provided lighting for them giving the room a mysterious glow. She walked over to where Martha was sitting a book opened in front of her. She was making jottings on a notepad. When Ava placed down the books she had, Martha's attention went to them.

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