Chapter 1

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This is a new story idea, saved will still  be my main one and school friends is kind of on hold I'm slightly lost with is so anyway I hope you enjoy this just like you all like saved😊

Connie lay with her head on his lap, both of them had their heads in text books revising. Jacob chuckled slightly, making Connie looked at him "Remember the day you asked me out?" He laughed, "Course I do, your point?" She smiled, "It was just so funny... we have known eachother ten years, that's crazy! Eight of those we have been together." He exclaimed, "Yeah it is and you still haven't changed, anything to get out of revision." She laughed, looking back at the text book. Where his thoughts drifted of to that day.

January 10th 2008
He stood over with his friends at lunch, kicking the football to eachother as they had been banned from playing as the younger kids got hurt. He could hear the giggling of the girls on his class. "Jacob! Kick it!" Callum called, he kicked the ball over to him. Before he heard his name called, "Jacob! We need to ask you something." Elle smiled as the other girls surrounded, "Okay." He smiled "You like Connie right?" "Yeah she's really nice and helped me." He smiled "Well will you go out with her? She really likes you." Another girl smiled, "Ooo..." Callum teased, "Yeah." Jacob smiled all the girls ran off giggling. Where as Jacob continued to kick the ball, "Jacob!" He heard again. He looked over to the girls and ran over, they all ran off leaving the two of them. "Hey." She smiled, "Hey... so you like me?" She nodded "I like you too." He smiled, "Connie and Jacob sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g." The girls called "They are being stupid." She sighed, "No it's cool... does mean that I'm your boyfriend?" "Yeah... I guess." She smiled as the bell rang "Cool cool." He added.

She looked up at him "Jacob!" He looked back "Yeah." He smiled "Revise." She stood up and looked around her room, at all their pictures from being so small. She stood up "Jay what's wrong?" "Nothing, I just love thinking about us when we were little. When we had no stress and we all though it was cute that we held hands and I'd walk you to school." She smiled and snuggled into his side "Those were the days." She smiled "I got asked the other day why I didn't want to get with someone else, I really couldn't answer it on the spot but, thinking about it I can... you're my best friend and I love you more than any girl I've ever met, I couldn't picture myself with anyone but, you its always been you. Connie and Jacob and I think if I seen you even hold another guys hand I'd want to kill them." She smiled with a slight colour in her cheeks. "Why do you always know what to say?" "I really don't know." He laughed, "I'd probably say all the above but, you helped me in the worst time of my life Jacob... my mum and dad dying you was there for me and I don't think I could ever repay you for that." She smiled "You don't have too Sweetcheeks." He smiled.

They shared a very private and intimate kiss as his hands snaked under her shirt, as they walked over to the bed not breaking the kiss once. There was a knock on the door, "Connie, Sarah wants to know if you want tea?" A young boy asked "No me and Jacob will Grab something later Oliver." "Okay... why aren't you coming on holiday with us?" Oliver smiled "Oliver I'm busy and I told you I have to do some stuff for school." She sighed willing him to leave, which he did. She looked back to Jacob "The moments gone isn't it?" She sighed, he nodded "Yeah." He laughed.

Even though they lived apart they had clothes at eachothers houses, along with a bedside cabinet. "Are you staying tonight?" She smiled, "If you'd like me too." He smiled routing through his draw, "Course I would... they leave at twelve." She smirked, he looked up "Even if they were here I'd still do you... it's just someone finds it hard to stay quiet." He smirked, she pulled a face "Don't ever say 'do you' again, it's a real turn off and I can be quiet." She smiled, he laughed "You'd never get turned off by me Sweetcheeks.... have you seen a pen anywhere?" He frowned, "Jacob looked on my desk." She laughed "Oh yeah... you've stole one out my draw I know it." "Well I needed a pen." She smiled "You are so lucky that I love you Beauchamp." "I know." She smiled. She decied to change her name after the adoption to make Sarah and Mark feel more comfortable and she quite preferred it, more than chase anyway.

Night soon fell and the pair lay studying, when Mark and Sarah came in. "Be good, don't throw party's and I know you two sleep together so please be safe and keep the noise down we do have neighbours also please if you need anything talk to Steve and Lynn." Sarah smiled. Connie nodded and came to hug them, Mark watched Sarah walked downstairs before passing the pair an array of alcoholic drinks "Now the party police have left you can have these but please don't throw a party." He smiled, Connie hugged him "I'm too old for that now." She joked, making him laugh "See you in two weeks." "Bye." Both Jacob and Connie smiled.

They soon fell asleep cuddling, their naked bodies tangled up with eachother and they lay dreaming about the next two weeks a head.

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